Your Finger Can Be Triggered Due To Gout

Gout triggers may be caused by gout flares ups, but these flares ups may not all the time responsible for these triggers. Triggers are caused by your own foot and not any other means. This is very important to find out about your gout triggers and long term gout suffering persons should learn these.

Hyperuricemia may remain in your body for about 20 to 30 years and it may develop after the first attack for gout. This may develop by some mysterious cause but in certain conditions, you may know the cause behind it.

If you know that gout is been developed in your body, then you may need to avoid certain triggering conditions in order to avoid future attacks. Even if you do not have gout, still you have to keep yourself away from these gout triggers that may cause a rapid increase or decrease in your blood uric acid levels.

Purine containing foods and alcohol:

High purine foods and high consumption of alcohol are the main and known triggers of gout which may cause most of the flares ups. Alcohol is the most immediate gout trigger because of three reasons. It contains high percentage of purine. Secondly, it initiates the liver to break down purine that may result in more production of uric acid and it also reduces the working of kidneys of removing this uric acid. These gout triggers may cause certain change in the blood uric acid levels and gout may develop.

Cold weather:

The second gout trigger is winter. You have to avoid winter if you can not move to a warmer climatic area. You have to avoid winter by wearing warm clothes such as gloved and other woolen socks. Gout starts with the big toe and can attack different joints of the body. If the gout appears in the fingers, then it may last longest and it will become more difficult to control.

Very humid and hot weather:

Hot and humid weather can also because gout flares ups because of dehydration. So you should drink plenty of water to get rid of dehydration, if you are living in hot and humid area.


You should avoid an overstressed life-style.


Some drugs may develop the condition of hyperuricemia so that can also lead to gout. The medications that can trigger gout include diuretics and other immunosuppressant.


Due to kidney diseases, less uric acid is excreted which may develop gout. Other diseases like heart diseases, high serum levels, insulin resistance, diabetes and high blood pressure may also cause gout to appear.

Surgery :

Surgery like some organ transplant may trigger flares up.

Joint injuries:

Other joint injuries or any broken bone, sprain or a heavy bruise may also cause immediate gout attacks if the injury is noticed in these parts.

Fast Weight loss:

Loss of appetite or fast weight loss can increase the levels of uric acid and can prove to be gout trigger.

Too much exercise:

Last but not the least, too much exercise can also trigger gout. Other factors include environmental factors and obesity etc which can trigger gout.