Arthritis is a debilitating condition which leaves millions of persons handicapped through the world. The problem is even more pronounced in countries that have cold and harsh climates. Researchers through the world have developed medicines, which are claimed as effective against arthritis. The medications that are available have been tested by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and have been confirmed as safe for human consumption. The approval provided by the FDA would only have come after clinical tests were carried out by pharmaceutical companies. These drugs are in no way ineffective in dealing with arthritic conditions. However, mistakes have been committed by pharmaceutical companies, which have led to people suffering from a number of side-effects. Under the circumstances, a question must be asked about whether these drugs are really effective not just in dealing with arthritis but also leaving people free from side effects.

Research conducted a few years ago revealed that prescription drugs could have been more harmful than the condition of arthritis. This revelation was made after it was discovered that people who were prescribed the drug Vioxx were at a higher risk of suffering from heart attacks or strokes. It is possible that Vioxx may no longer be made available for the benefit of people who face problems with their joints. However, no guarantees have been provided by the FDA stating that all other drugs that are now available are free from such issues. This day's medical practitioners can be seen prescribing commonly available drugs like ibuprofen and analgesics that can in no way be called safe and effective. They certainly provide people with conditions like these, the relief they need in the short-term. However, they also have the ability to leave behind side-effects and are a cause for concern. Under the circumstances what can people do to find a remedy which will provide them relief without any side-effects?

The best option for people would be to look out for natural remedies, which have been researched well and used since 1961. The green lipped mussel which is found in the pristine waters of New Zealand can provide relief for people arthritis. Today, there are health supplements made from green lipped mussels which are available on the market. Proof is available that people have found plenty of relief after using these supplements in place of prescription drugs that were earlier provided to them. The supplements are made from totally natural ingredients and contain no chemicals or fillers whatever. They do not leave behind any side-effects which people would have faced when taking prescription drugs. Therefore, they can definitely look forward to using green lipped mussel supplements as a remedy rather than going ahead with the medication provided by their physician.