Many of the experts in the field of treating gout have dismissed the suggestions that taking apple cider vinegar for gout is anything but a placebo, and that it is not only ineffective, but has no medicinal properties whateversoever. However, there are also a large number of testimonials which state that they have seen great effects from taking apple cider vinegar, it is hard to know who to believe.

Looking at the chemical makeup of apple cider vinegar, this only adds weight to the assertion of the experts that this is not beneficial for gout sufferers. It only has a trace amount of potassium, and this is its most nutritious aspect. There are plenty of other sources of potassium which are more abundant in the mineral, so this is illegally to be the cause of any benefits.

Another reason that apple cider vinegar may or may not be effective is that it can range from moderately acidic to moderately alkaline, so if sufferers do take the alkaline varieties of the product then it could assist in raising the pH in people who have a particularly acidic body.

However, there is a large body of testimonials stating that they have had success using apple cider vinegar. Many people say that they take it with water or honey, but all of the positive testimonials say that taking apple cider vinegar has given them a great improvement in dealing with their gout.

From looking at the testimonials, it seems that there is a pattern in what happens to those suffering with gout and how they recover. The recovery tends to start with a reduction in the inflammation and swelling around the joints which have been affected. As this happens the joints start to become flexible, and with the reduction in stiffness and inflammation, then they are able to walk more normally again. Although the scientific evidence for this recovery is not known, people do say that it is a quick acting and their symptoms alleviated within a few hours, or in other cases a few days.

One of the key aspects of any treatment that is claiming to cure gout is that it needs to work against the gout crystals which can form out of the uric acid in the blood stream, and is the main cause of the problem. If apple cider vinegar really does do this successfully, then it may well be down to its Malic Acid content. This is found in apples and cherries. It is also possible that it may contain Quercetin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory found in apples.

As with any treatment for any ailment, it is best to check it with your doctor first before you beginning taking anything, in case there are any reasons you have not thought of that you should not be taking apple cider vinegar. However, with so many testimonials suggesting it really can work, and with the consent of your doctor, trying to take apple cider vinegar may well convert you to a believer.