It does not take long to figure out that the side effects are really worth it, and because of this there are quite a few people looking for a natural remedy for gout. Natural or herbal remedies have a very small chance of causing unwanted side effects when you are taking them. There are also a few of them that have been shown to help prevent gout.

The best way to attack this condition is to prevent the flare-ups from happening. In order to do this you have to keep your uric acid levels within normal ranges. The more acid built up in your system, the more likely you are to suffer from these painful attacks. The malic acid found in apples is believed to neutralize the uric acid our body makes while breaking down purines. Many people find that eating one apple after every meal helps prevent the levels from getting too high and causing pain.

Changing your diet may not be the easiest natural remedy for gout but it can have dramatic effects. Avoiding high protein foods, or at least limiting them drastically, can help keep your body from producing more acid. There are some types of yeast that you will also want to avoid. Seafood is also high in purine content and should be avoided as well. I am sure your physician can give you a whole list of foods that should not be eaten. You would be wise to consider following the list since the purines have a dramatic effect on gout.

Some are taking a natural remedy for gout to another level. They are trying to reduce the levels in their body to keep from suffering in the first place (or again). Celery seed is one method they are employing. Add one teaspoon of dried celery seed to one cup of water and then boiling for three to four minutes. Remove and let steep for five minutes and then drink. Doing this once a day helps lower your acid levels because of the detoxifying effects it has. This helps get rid of the excess uric acid we have built up in our system. Eating cherries and strawberries every day can also help lower the levels in our bodies. If you can not eat fresh then choose frozen before canned for the best effect. These are just a few suggestions. I am sure your doctor might be able to recommend a few different ones too.