Arthritis is the chronic musculoskeletal disease that plagues 50% of the population in the United States. It is the major cause of disability for those 55 years old and above. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gouty arthritis are the most common. They share the same symptoms like stiffness of the joints, inflammation and pain. Those who are suffering from this condition experience limitation in their movements. Loss of function or disability is the most serious exit.

With the use of oregano oil, the inflated joints and pain associated with arthritis can be controlled. It has been found in a recent experiment that carvacrol, one of the two active ingredients in oregano oil, can activate the HSP or heat shock proteins, our natural anti-inflammatory defense system. This is done by way of our T cells. These T cells regulate our tolerance to high stress.

The researchers artificially produced autoimmune arthritis in laboratory animals and they introduced oregano oil to these animals. They found that carvacrol in the oil completely suppressed the artificial induced joint damage. The results showed that carvacrol can increase the response of the T cell against self-stress proteins and reduced inflammatory disease.

Oregano Oil has also been shown by a previous experiment to reduce pain. This essential oil comes from the wild oregano plant which has been widely known in the past as an effective treatment for respiratory and digestive disorders as well as several skin diseases. The plant grows in the hill tops of Mediterranean countries like Greece, Portugal and Turkey. At present, the oil is extracted from the crushed leaves by means of cold process. The leaves from the plant Origanum vulgare are used and not the common oregano Oreganum marjoram.

Studies and experiments have identified carvacrol as one of the active ingredients of oregano oil. Carvacrol, together with another ingredient, thymol, are the ones responsible for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitical quantities of oregano oil. Several universities in the United States have confirmed the potency of this essential oil against harmful microorganisms. They found that this substance is more effective in eradicating E.coli, staphylococcus bacteria, Candida albicans and other pathogens.

The advantage of oregano oil over that of conventional pharmaceutical drugs is that the microorganisms can not develop resistance against it. But because of the very active ingredients of oregono oil, you are advised to consult first with your health provider if you have an existing medical condition. It is also not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers.