Your hands are so important as they perform literally thousands of functions per day. Therefore having arthritis symptoms in hands is a real wake up call for many people. Your hands and fingers become stiff and inflexible and can be painful and sore.

It is only when a body part hurts that you become more aware of what you need that for all the time. Hands are no exception. In fact we use our hands for so much – getting dressed, pulling on socks and pulling up that zipper. Making breakfast – turning knobs on the stove to lifting the frying pan, even depressing the toaster handle. While typing this, every finger is involved myriad times until this article is finished. Even while swimming, we use our hands as a shovel to plow through the water.

My mother had arthritis in her hands and I watched them become more and more deformed and empathized with the pain she endured while buttoning my cardigan, etc. when I was a child.

If you have arthritis symptoms in hands then your first step would be to go and see your doctor or your rheumatologist and see what they have to say. Often an occupational therapist can help, showing you how to exercise your hands correctly. Although this may hurt, it is necessary. You may also be told about paraffin wax bath treatments. In fact my mother went to hospital twice a week to have these and it seems even today today they are still an important way to help. You can get home packs which is probably more convenient.

Another important point is to protect your joints. In fact there are many natural remedies out there to help. MSM is important and a visit to your local health food store will get you good advice and a variety of products that can help to keep your joints healthy.

Your doctor may put you on medication and will want to observe you over time to see if this is the correct medication and dosage for you, so learn to work with your doctor.

As far as pain is concerned, there are natural remedies for that too. Apple cider vinegar with honey (a teaspoon of each in a glass of warm water) taken twice a day can help with pain. It is important to let your doctor know the steps you are taking to alleviate the symptoms so he gets the whole picture.

If you have arthritis symptoms in hands then there is definitely something positive and helpful you can do about it. So do not despair, do some research online and then visit your doctor.