Many arthritis victims have been so worn down by pain and discomfort over the years that they have given up all hope for relief. And while it is true that there may never be a permanent cure for your arthritis, there are a variety of practices that can minimize the impact arthritis has on you or your loved ones. Below are three tips to help you keep joint and pain discomfort to a minimum:

1) Exercise regularly. There are a variety of exercises that will help keep pain and joint discomfort to a minimum. Range of motion exercises are a great way to keep stiff joints flexible. In addition, isometrics and pool exercise can present another effective option for arthritis sufferers. Just remember to check with your family doctor before beginning any routine.

2) Experiment with your diet. While there have been no comprehensive studies providing their conclusions, many arthritis sufferers believe that cutting out coffee, red meats, and excess sugar can lead to relief. Others have reported that drinking several glasses of green tea per day can alleviate minor pain. It is important to understand that none of these diet alterations have been conclusively proven successful, but there are many arthritis victims who will vouch for their effectiveness. It's always a good idea to consult with a doctor before carrying out a major change to your diet!

3) Get your weight right. If you are overweight, you are unfortunately adding even more stress to your joints. It is important that you work to maintain a healthy weight in order to alleviate the excess burden on your body. Many people with arthritis have felt a dramatic decrease in joint pain after achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. In order to determine your ideal weight and to develop a plan to reach it, meet with a nutritionist or other health professional. And while exercise is likely to be a part of any plan, be sure to stick to a routine that will not make your joint pain worse. As a general rule, avoid exercise that results in joint trauma-such as running and many types of weight routines.

Nobody enjoys the joint and muscle pain that comes along with arthritis. But it is important to understand that you are not helpless against this condition. You may never be able to completely eliminate pain and discomfort from arthritis, but you can take steps to make a difference. Start by getting your weight right-until you do that, you are putting more stress on your joints than you should be. Talk to fellow arthritis victims and ask them about diets that have helped their situation. And begin a regular exercise routine focused on increasing range of motion and flexibility. Just because you have arthritis does not mean that you need to live in constant agony. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you'd like more information.