Many people suffer from Arthritis. It's a debilitating disease that must be taken care of. You can take a lot of medicines with the hope that one day, your relief would come. There are actually newer arthritis drugs, they are much effective but who knows if this is going to be a permanent arthritis treatment.

About 20 years ago, the drugs that were available are only anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers. One with arthritis will not be able to lead a normal life and may even give up on sports and exercises. They can also struggle to get through life each day except they take a fistful of pills just to be able to get out of bed! And this has to be in constant excruciating pain and misery!

Interestingly, there is good news for those who need the right solutions. With years of in-depth research, certain foods have been found to help. During this research, some foods where also discovered to aggravate the condition. The diets I present here may not set you free for life, but the symptoms and pains could have been reduced by 98%. There is so much to gain by simply changing your diet habits, within weeks, you can become pain-free if you are disciplined enough to stick to these diets.

Remember that this arthritis treatment is proven to work but requires your self-will. You do not have to give up instantly until you have proven its efficiency.

Avoid These Foods:
Some of the foods that aggravate arthritis are: coffee, beer, wine, tea, cakes, sweets and much more. Do not be perturbed because there are other foods you can enjoy as well in the same vein. For instance, most fruits, meat and vegetables are great for your body development and tissue building.
Foods That Help Arthritis

Although, you do not have to be stereotyped, but the foods in this case can help you leakage on the power of your immune system to eliminate every toxic. You can prepare them yourself or get them from the nearby grocery store.

Quinoa Soup:
I wonder how many people have tested this soup; it's delicious and highly effective. Quinoa is a plant that is used to treat some immune illnesses. If you can not prepare this soup, there are free quinoa recipes online to assist you. It's a great arthritis treatment and can be garnished with fresh vegetables and Olive seed.

All in all, it takes some time to finally get a total relief from the pains. You should be positive as you embark on changing your diet no matter how had it looks.