There are a variety of reasons why people get gout, but it can be thrown into a simple root cause in nearly all cases. If you have some pain that you're not sure what is causing it, or you have a loved one that has been stricken with the malady, you'll be interested in knowing what the causes of gout are. There are a couple of major causes, and others that are triggered by the food a person eats. Understanding the causes of gout, and what triggers to avoid, is the key to moving forward.

The first thing to know is that one of the causes of gout is a lack of or over abundance of uric acid. This type of acid helps in a variety of different ways. The most important function is to break down certain pieces of waste in the protein cell generation. The first sign of ailment is a bright red color and pain in the big toe, coupled with severe joint pain and in some cases a moderate fever.

A great majority of the cases of this ailment have been attributed to larger framed people. In almost all cases, obese men in their late 30's and beyond have experience the problem. Some researchers have gone on record to say that one of the causes of gout could be hereditary and that some things just run in the family. There are a great deal of other symptoms to this disease, some of which include toxic bowels, atherosclerosis, digestive problems, and even kidney stones.

When pain sets in, it's imperative to see a doctor immediately. Without seeing a medical professional, a person could end up missing out on the lifestyle they want to live. While there are some gout home remedies that can help tremendously in getting rid of this ailment, many do not know what they are or where to get them. Natural sources of aid can be found in a variety of foods, drinks, and much more. When trying to get rid of this condition, people should increase their consumption of green vegetables, and anything relatively healthy.

The pain associated with gout can be moderate to severe. When in doubt, take a shoe off and look at the big toe, compare it to the other one, and see if there are significant changes. Never let things get worse, get it taken care of within the first few signs. Finding out what some of the causes of gout are can help you later to avoid a painful attack. You can suffer permanent damage if you leave your gout unattended.