Joint pain is a problem which is faced by large numbers of Americans. Often diagnosed as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis this condition affects millions in America. These people usually find restrictions put on their movements because of this condition. It has been noticed that people prefer to contact physicians and take prescription medications, which are provided to deal with the inflammation, stiffness and pain in the joints. While one can not dispute the authenticity of medications provided by the physician, it can be said that people with joint pain can deal with such issues easily by making small changes to their diet and lifestyle. Let us look at how people can achieve this objective.

A prime reason why people develop pain in the joints of their feet or hands is because of a lack of adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids within their body. This is because people would have subscribed on a diet of red meat and other food, which could have reduced the levels of these fatty acids. It must be understood that these fatty acids can not be produced by the human body and can only be obtained from external sources. Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and including regular portions of seafood along with their diet will definitely improve their condition gradually.

People with joint pain of any type will not be in a position to move around freely. The condition can get aggravated especially when the temperatures around them are cold and harsh. Swollen joints require some warmth before they can return to a level of normalcy. In such cases people will do well to try to keep their joints warm or even think about having a warm shower after getting up from a bout of rest. Wearing clothes, which will leave the body warm, is also something that can not be ignored.

Restricting the movements of their joints is in no way going to prove helpful for people with joint pain. Physicians will advise patients to indulge in some exercise in order to retain the flexibility within their joints. They will also be prescribed medications, which must be taken regularly and never be ignored at any time. Any mistakes committed by people conditions of such types can leave them even more restricted.

Making all the changes mentioned above may not be possible to every individual with joint pain. Having seafood regularly in no way means that people will get the desired levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, seafood can be expensive and beyond the reach of the average individual. In such conditions, people can look out for alternatives, which can provide them with the fatty acids; they need to keep their joints healthy. Supplements made from green lipped mussels are known to provide enough relief for people who suffer from these problems. People only need to ensure that they are not allergic to shellfish before beginning to take green lipped mussel supplements and finding relief from the pain in their joints.