Gout sufferers will agree when it is said that gout is one of the most painful form of arthritis known to man. This leads many to ask about the cure for gout, or sometimes if there are alternative acute gout treatment. Well one big myth about gout is that “there is a cure for gout”. A permanent cure for gout has actually not been discovered yet but there are options available that can help reduce the effect of gout. There are acute gout treatments that can serve as alternative way to fight gout symptoms.

As we all know, excess uric acid in the body causes gout. When the body has high uric acid levels, it causes uric acid crystals to form which usually leads to a gout attack. The key then will be the need to lower uric acid in the body and the excess uric acid in the blood through the use of gout remedies or any type of natural remedy. One remedy that gout sufferers can consider is apple cider vinegar. All gout sufferers who have tried this remedy have found positive result and agree that it does help control gout. A little apple cider vinegar combined with honey can help break down the high amount of uric acid in the blood.

Another main cure for gout is the types of gout foods a person eats, so eating fresh fruits and vegetable is highly recommended. Many have raved about eating cherries and berries; they consider it to be very helpful in neutralizing the effect that excess uric acid has on the body. Eating cherries and black cherries is recommended, half a pound a day. Cherries can also be consumed in form of cherry juice. So juicing will be a great alternative if you do not want to eat it as is. Cherry fruits, cherry juice, and cherry concentrate will all help you to fight gout.

But in addition to knowing what to eat and take in, knowing what food to stay away from is also just as equally important. Sadly, not all foods can help fight gout; some actually contribute to your chances of experiencing another gout attack. One of them is red meat; This is the number one cause of gout flares in gout patients and along with that, alcohol or alcoholic beverages such as beer also needs to be avoided. It is important however that as you consider different alternatives to gout cures; try to consult with your doctor. Even professionals in the health field are now realizing the importance of alternative medicine when it comes to curing gout. Let your doctor know whenever you decide to implement herbal remedies into your daily intake to help gain relief from gout.