Deer antler velvet, a therapeutic supplement, is considered the most powerful all supplements that are being sold. The antler velvet which is harvested from Deer has a number of medicinal properties and includes vitamins and minerals, which can improve overall health and vitality. One illness which affects large numbers of Americans is osteoarthritis and 60 million people in this country alone suffer from this problem. A number of supplements can today be found with claims that they can provide relief to people who are suffering from osteoarthritis. However scientific data establishes that deer antler velvet is perhaps the best product which can provide relief from the discomfort and pain caused by such patients.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints because it can cause mechanical abnormalities. It normally affects the subchondral bone along with articular cartilage of the joints. People who suffer from conditions like these generally face problems that are related to tenderness, stiffness and pain in the joints. This illness is also known to be hereditary and can affect youngsters that have senior members from their family with such conditions. It is a general perception that the condition can only be treated with drugs and not with supplementary medicines that are also available.

Having given a description about how osteoarthritis can cause plenty of distress to the person affected, there is a need also to inform people about how deer antler velvet can help in dealing with the pain and inflammation that are involved. Earlier, the only medicines available to such people were limited to steroids. People had to restrict their movements and also face the devastating effects of drugs that were prescribed. Things have changed ever since supplements of antler velvet became available some time ago. Unlike regular medications which are prescribed by physician's antler velvet has a number of vitamins and minerals, which can reduce inflammation that is generally seen in conditions like these. It is also rich in glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, which can enhance support to the joints. Apart from the nutrients mentioned above it also contains collagen that is also considered helpful in addressing concerns about osteoarthritis.

Studies conducted in America have shown that people with osteoarthritis who were given deer velvet Antler under clinical conditions reported a reduction in the swelling and a less degree of pain after taking the supplements for a few days. It must be stated that researchers who carried out the tests provided participants with good-quality antler velvet supplements that were high in strength. It was only after the tests were concluded that researchers made the information available to the general public. It clearly shows that people with osteoarthritis can rely upon deer antler velvet when looking forward to finding relief from the pain and inflammation which accompanies this condition along with a degree of flexibility and mobility within their joints.