The devil's claw was a very helpful herb. As he traveled away from his home in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa he had only something on his mind; to cure an ailment. He had traveled almost the entire continent of Africa, but did not feel that he was needed there. Suddenly and without warning he realized that he needed to go to the New World (America). He zoomed across the sea and before long he was in Florida. But he felt something pulling him further north and west. He traveled up through Florida and into Georgia and still he kept moving.

When he got to the middle of Alabama he saw only too well why he had come and why he was needed so much. He was approaching this poor hapless person who had arthritis and she was surrounded by drugs. He rushed in quickly to offer his help.

“Hello”, the Devil's Claw said a little too enthusiastically.

“My name is Devil's Claw. What's your name?”

“Alice Bennet”, she responded apathetically.

“I have come to offer you my services to help you with your arthritis”, Devil's Claw told her in a caring tone.

Devil's Claw could see that she was about to answer but just then the head drug stepped in and interrupted with, “We do not need any amateurs here.

“I can see that”, Devil's Claw retorted sarcastically. Then he continued with, “If you are feeling bold and daring I would like to make a bet with you. If I win this women's health will be restored and I will continue wandering this land and helping as many as I can. I will leave off and go home and you will never see me again. ”

“On behalf of my colleges I will take this bet. It will be only too easy and enjoyable to see you defeated.

Devil's Claw then turned back to Alice and said, “I want you to make a tea of ​​me and drink it for every day for two weeks.

“OK”, she said a little bewildered by it all.

And so it began and she did drink the tea every day. For the first few days it looked like it was going to be too rough for her as the pain increased. Of course the drugs did not keep their promise of the bet and taunted Alice to use their services whenever her pain was active. But she remained firm and did not partake.

After the first week the pain started to subside and she began to feel more at ease and alive. As the second week passed the drugs left one by one as they realized that they had been beat. When the second week had passed Alice did feel oh so much better.

“I want to thank you kind herb for your most effective help. I will continue drinking this tea”, Alice said with much gratitude.

“You are welcome dear Alice”, he responded and then looked momentarily toward the north where I felt another calling. “I must leave now to heal another. I bid you fair health and if you or anyone you know ever needs my service – know that you can count on me.”

At that he was off, heading north toward another in need.