Although more men will suffer from gout than women the causes of gout in men and women are similar. People who live a certain lifestyle may be predisposed to suffer the painful symptoms of gout. Some of these factors that help in the development of gout can be high blood pressure, obesity and excess alcohol consumption.

There are other factors that also bring about the symptoms of gout such as exposure to lead, eating an extremely low calorie diet and at the other end of the spectrum eating an extremely high calorie and high fat diet. Suffering an acute illness or infection can also bring out symptoms of gout. It sees we need to maintain balance to ward off the symptoms of gout.

Other factors that can lead to gout can be certain medication, diabetes, pregnancy, thyroid problems and the use of diuretics or water pills. These water pills cause our body's potassium level to go down which can be a factor related to gout.

Fasting can also play a contributing role in the development of gout. When a person fasts the body increases the levels of lactic acid. This increase in lactic acid interferees with the kidneys job of excreting excess uric acid. As we now know excess uric acid will cause gout.

Some people who suffer from anemia, tumors and psoriasis, their bodies may sometimes increase or produce more uric acid which can lead to the symptoms of gout.

Also anyone that suffers from kidney disease can also be a prime candidate for gout. It is the kidneys that filter out the uric acid responsible for gout, so if they are not working properly a person will more than likely suffer from the painful symptoms of gout.

One of the best defenses against gout and its painful symptoms is to be aware of what can cause gout in the first place. Knowing that you need your kidneys functioning at their best to filter out excess uric acid and knowing obesity can put a strain on your kidneys then this should be a clue for someone who may be overweight.

Also there are certain natural remedies for gout that can help relieve the painful symptoms of gout such as boswellia. Boswellia can help reduce swelling in affected joints. It is often used along with celery seed, ginger and turmeric.

Before you start on any kind of treatment for gout you should visit your doctor and make sure you are suffering from gout.