Some of you may have a deep intuitive sense in your body that food matters but you may also have been told by your physician that there is no connection. If this is the case, your physician has not been reading up on the most recent medical literature.

A study in the Lancet Medical Journal found that 37% of their participants, all of whom had arthritis were able to very significant relief and even remission from arthritis, when they were able to identify their exact list of problem foods and then eliminate those from their diets.

The 37% figure is significant when you consider that even when a new arthritis drug comes out, the aim is to be effective with 10% of the population. With diet the result is at least 37% and it is significantly that if the study was conducted over a longer and more controlled period, the results could be higher.

Participants saw highly significant results by changing their diet in very individualistic ways. There is no one single set of foods that will work equally for everyone and anyone who suffers from arthritis. To discover the exact foods for arthritis pain relief that will work for you, you will need to identify problem foods and then eliminate them from your diet.

One very fast and easy way to do this is with an Alcat blood test. While the test costs money, it can save months and even years of detective work trying to figure out which foods you are sensitive to. With the test, you have an instant cheat sheet to work with, which gives you a base list of what foods you know are safe and what foods are a problem.

You can also tests foods for arthritis relief for your body by elimination and reintroduction, or the lamb / pear diet. The easiest way to do this is to pick two foods (safe foods) you do not usually eat that you are very illegally to be having a problem with and only eat these foods for two weeks. Once you have eliminated problems and are pain free, then gradually, reintroduce foods, all the time checking your reaction. If you have a reaction to a food, go back on the two food diet, and test the next food. If you can fast, for a time, or find relief with the safe diet, there is a strong indicator that there is a definite food component to your arthritis.