This condition is something that happens over a long period of time, and because of that it can also take time to get rid of gout. Uric acid levels have to be high for quite a while before they crystallize and collect in the joints of our body. The first joint of the big toe is the most common, but this can affect any and all joints in the body. These crystals cause intense pain and inflammation in any joint that they accumulate in.

To actually get rid of gout you will need to lower and maintain normal levels of uric acid in your body. Since this acid is naturally formed when our systems break down proteins (purines); it stands to reason that limiting our intake of proteins would be helpful. Red meat proteins and seafood are among the highest. You should also avoid some yeast (especially sweetbreads) and some green leafy vegetables like spinach. Beans are high on the do not eat list as well in all forms. Since I did mention yeast you should also note that many alcoholic beverages contain yeast so you will want to limit how much you consume of them. Red wines are also things that you should keep away from.

The next step to get rid of gout would be to lower the levels already built up in your system. Black cherries and strawberries can help with this. They are both shown to lower the levels over time. Consuming Vitamin C everyday can also help reduce the uric acid levels. Some have also found that taking cranberry juice or capsules everyday also helps because it helps cleanse the body. Since uric acid is filtered out by out system, anything we do to help that process should also help. Drinking adequate quantities of water everyday can also help filter our system and remove excess wastes.

The most successful are the ones that combine methods. To see the best results you should consider changing your diet to limit the amount of purines you consume while adding in the food choices that will lower uric acid levels. By doing this you have the greatest chance at not experiencing another flare-up. Do not forget to drink water. At least six eight ounce glasses a day should really help flush your system out and get rid of wastes. On a personal note, if you suffer from any other medical conditions besides gout you should get the advice of your doctor before changing anything.