The pain that gout sufferers experience during a gout attack or flare up is so intense that they often prefer to stay in bed, avoiding any movements on the affected joint. Even the slightest and seemingly easiest activity of daily living such as walking can worsen the existing pain. There exist many ways to address gout as a disorder nowdays. However, you need not spend much for expensive medications. You can undertake simple lifestyle configurations in order to prevent worsening your gout. One of these is following a gout diet.

A gout diet is a combination of food that is aimed at reducing the potential of gout development and progress. The following sections well help you understand the basic components of an effective diet for gout sufferers as recommended by most health care providers. The succeeding information is reliable since they are based from an e-book written by a nurse.

Consume Foods Low in Purine

Since uric acid in the body is increased by consuming foods high purine, the initial and most significant component of a gout diet is avoiding the intake of such foods. It's also important to be vigilant in your food selection since most healthy food contains high amounts of purine. Organ meat, some green leafy vegetables and shellfish are some of common examples of such foods. In order to prevent the development of gout, these foods should be eaten in moderation, if it's impossible to avoid eating them completely.

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration can increase the risk of gout and gout attacks. This is because uric acid in the blood becomes concentrated when dehydration is also present. Therefore, drinking plenty of water is a must for gout sufferers when trying to avoid gout attacks. In addition, the body works more effectively when it's sufficiently hydrated. Eight to ten glasses of water daily is highly encouraged.

Drink Alcohol Moderately

Alcohol can cause the levels of blood uric acid to shoot up. This fact is significant to people afflicted with gout who are also regular alcoholic drink consumers. Reducing alcohol in your diet is important. Aside from this, alcohol can cause damage to your kidneys. This can even worsen gout since the kidneys are the chief organ responsible for excreting uric acid from the body. If they are injured, the body becomes less efficient in eliminating uric acid that can lead to its build up and consequent gout attacks.

The following suggested components of a gout diet have been proven effective over the years. Aside from the benefits each of them provides, its effectiveness depends on the person's willingness to take prompt actions in terms of the changes needed especially on one's eating habits. The sooner you start following a healthy diet, the better chances you have in getting positive results.