Gout is a serious disease affecting a lot of people. Because many of its risk factors are common now such as hypertension, obesity and unhealthy diet habits, more and more people are developing gout. But not everyone is aware of the main condition of the body that lead it to develop gout. It's important to remember that gout does not develop abruptly. It typically develops overtime. The precursor of this disease is high uric acid level in the body.

What is Hyperuricemia?

Hyperuricemia is the condition in which there is an excessively high uric acid level in the blood. There are two main and intertwined causes of this condition. First, it's when the body's chief uric acid sweeper, the kidneys, becomes less efficient in excreting uric acid from the body through the urine due to the underlying disease or kidney injury. Secondly, when the body becomes overfed by the amounts of purine we consume from our diet. This happens when the purine the body already produces becomes excessive with the added amount we get from our diet. Purine is converted to uric acid when it is broken down. This contributes to the increased levels of uric acid.

How does it affect the body?

When high uric acid level occurs, they are not readily dissolved in the blood. In other words they become big residues or sediments in the blood. Because of this, the kidneys need to work harder to excrete them. However, this becomes impossible when high levels of uric acid accumulate and form urate crystals. As a result, they lodge on the synovial spaces, or the space in between joint.

As a result, the body reacts to these crystals and consider them as foreign materials. Inflammation is then activated as an effort to get rid of the urate crystals. The infection causes swelling, redness, heat and pain on the affected site. Because they do not dissolve easily, the inflammatory process occurs repeatedly. This condition is now called gout.

How do I avoid gout?

Gout prevention starts from controlling high uric acid level in the body. First, you have to make sure that you keep your kidneys healthy. Be very careful with the medications you take. On the other hand, you should control the amount of purine containing foods you consume. Observing a gout diet, therefore, is important not only in preventing the gout from disappearing but preventing it from extremely developing.

However, you have to remember that the effectiveness of your gout diet is proportionate to the amount of time you've spent on it. If you want to gain better results and outcomes in your efforts to prevent gout, you should start observing a gout diet the soonest.