Living in the 21stcentury's modern society today takes a toll on the human physique that we are blissfully unaware of. The medical and pharmaceutical industries have exploded into a dimension of high technology that any other industry finds hard to keep up with.

Life as we knew it, even as recently as 10 years ago, will never be the same again. Looking at world news, flair-ups of diseases like bubonic fever, wild polio, and outbreaks of scarce and deadly E.coli strains, seems to indicate that part of the medical world is actually moving back in time to the 14th and 18th century.

The increase in diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, cancer and arterial diseases, to name but a few, seems to indicate that the world population is on a land slide to a bleak and unhealthy future.

As I read patients comments and cries for help on blogs and forums and if I see how many websites are discussing conditions like anxiety, panic attacks, high blood pressure, tumors, psychological disorders, physical disorders, syndromes and conditions, I can not help but wonder what has changed.

Due to the development of the pharmaceutical and medical industries almost every disease can be managed or cured to some degree. Especially if Gregory House is your attaining physician!

The question is though, is we investigating the causes or are we only raising the symptoms as they manifest? Are we searching for answers in the right places? How many diseases and conditions are caused by “mental weakness” or “psychological honesty”?

My question is: what about mental health? Does the brain not control the body and all of its functions? What will happen if we start investigating from a different angle? Why are all the modern day diseases so prominent now and escalating daily? What would the implications be if we rather exercise the brain and give the brain regular healthy food for thought?

Surely the brain's ability to then manage the body will improve. The silent killers of modern society like stress, is a huge culprit. I wonder if medical science will ever be able to calculate how many diseases and conditions are actually caused by stress, directly or indirectly. If this calculation would ever be possible, I am willing to predict that a very large portion of medical conditions will become preventable.

A disease might be caused by one or two factors but may have a myriad of triggers that instigate those causes to initiate the development of the disease. One such disease is gout. True gout has only four major causes but a barrel full of triggers that can initiate those factors to cause an attack. These triggers vary from climatic conditions to diet to, yes you guessed it, stress and everything in between.

Will it not be beneficial to move the focus of personal health to the epicenter of the causes of diseases instead of continuing merely the symptoms? Should we not stop doing crisis management and address the issue at root level?

In our day-to-day rat race everyone gets more attention than you; your boss, your collections, your job, your car, your bank account, your family and your friends. Time has come to look toward your own body and mind.

Diseases have more to them than just the physical evidence. The psychological health of a body is every bit as important as the physical. The one can not operate without the other. This is where we should concentrate on balance.

Time-out, now!