250 million people worldwide suffer from stiffness and pain in their joints. This condition is known as osteoarthritis and is common among people who live in climates that are cold and harsh. People affected by this condition are required to take prescription medications every single day in order to keep their joints in good condition. Any diversion from the medication provided will leave people with stiffness and soreness in their joints apart from the pain that is associated. This is a debilitating condition and costs a large amount of money for the person affected.

To their credit, pharmaceutical companies have manufactured several drugs, which can be purchased after a prescription has been obtained from a physician. The type of condition which an individual can suffer from can be from mild to severe. Costs of prescription drugs can also vary depending upon the condition of the individual. On an average, people with osteoarthritis are known to spend large amounts of money every month just to maintain the condition of their joints without seeing any improvements. Therefore, it can be assumed that pharmaceutical companies must be generating billions of dollars in revenue. How can people free themselves from conditions like these?

In 1961, scientists discovered the amazing properties of green lipped mussels, which were being used as a regular diet by the Maoris of New Zealand. These tribes did not suffer from any of the issues mentioned in this discussion. They used green lipped mussels in their raw form and could make their bodies immune from such issues Scientists decided to conduct more research in order to understand how they could extract the mussels and convert them into dietary supplements. They succeeded in their efforts and managed to bring into the market green lipped mussel supplements in the form of capsules.

Green lipped mussel supplements are extremely affordable when compared to some of the pharmaceutical grade medicines that are being sold across the counter. A bottle of these supplements will only cost around $ 31. A bottle contains 120 capsules, which effectively means that an individual is getting a month's supply of this dietary supplement. Individuals can consume up to four capsules a day each of which will contain 500 MG of pure unadulterated green lipped mussel powder. Green lipped mussel supplements have been proven as effective against osteoarthritis and conditions of the joints. People suffering from this problem only have to conduct some research to understand how they can save a large amount of money by using products like these. This is perhaps the most affordable way of dealing with osteoarthritis.