As most arthritis sufferers know, there are a huge number of “home remedies” for arthritis being passing around on the internet and via word of mouth. Of course, the challenge is identifying which remedies can provide real arthritis relief. The truth is that, while many remedies may provide relief for individuals, there are very few home remedies that have been scientifically validated. And unfortunately, many unscrupulous individuals and businesses try to take advantage of the demand for relief by offering products which simply do not work. Below are several popular remedies that provide arthritis relief. While most home remedies are not guaranteed to work, many of them are certainly worth a try:

1) Yoga. Some believe that yoga provides an almost mystical form of arthritis relief. There is no way to scientifically evaluate that claim – but we do know that exercise and stretching can strengthen joints and help them remain flexible. Yoga is a great way to keep your body and your joints lose-if you have never tried it, give it a shot!

2) Diets rich in calcium, garlic, or alfalfa. There are many arthritis sufferers who swear by these diets or others. Unfortunately, studies performed have been inconclusive at best. Many of these diets are worth trying, as long you maintain healthy balance, but there is no guarantee they will work for you. Try talking to friends and family members that share your struggle with arthritis and ask about diets that work for them.

3) Eating healthy. Simply eating right and controlling your weight, on the other hand, is a proven way to reduce stress on your joints. As you know, less stress means less pain – which makes eating healthy a “must do” for everyone suffering from arthritis. Combining a healthy diet with an exercise routine will provide even more powerful results-not just in reducing your arthritis pain, but by improving your overall quality of life.

4) Hand warmers. Whether it is simply wearing mittens or using electric gloves, keeping your hands warm can often provide dramatic relief. Use them during the cooler months of the year … and consider using them at night while you are sleeping.

These are four simple remedies that may provide arthritis relief for you. Eating well and exercising, in particular, are great ways of finding relief. A word of caution, however: be very careful before paying for any presumed “miracle” cure. You should be skeptical of any product that has not been subjected to rigorous clinical study – because unfortunately, there are many ineffective products out there. Talk to fellow arthritis sufferers and get their thoughts on the many remedies that are available, both at home and for purchase. If you have a remedy that works well for you, or if you would like to ask a question, feel free to contact me!