When you face the pain, stiffness and swelling of arthritis you want to find something that will help alleviate the problem. Your doctor may prescribe medications that will help with the infection and pain but these treatments often come with the potential for addiction and a list of possible side effects. This could easily leave you wanting to find other alternatives that do not carry the same risks. There are plenty of herbal and natural remedies that are used regularly for that very purpose. Knowing which ones to try comes down to locating the ones that resolve the problems you are trying to alleviate. You should also consult with your physician on any remedies that you choose to use so that you can be monitored.


The diet you consume can play a pivotal role in the effect your arthritis has on your body. One of the most obvious effects of a healthy diet is that you will be able to reduce any excess weight. This weight places unnecessary pressure on your bones and joints and increases the pain and other problems that you may feel. In addition to this benefit, some foods enhance the arthritis symptoms while others help to fight them. If you want to fight your arthritis you will want to consume a diet that is healthy and rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The more vitamins you take in the better off your body will be. Sugar, dairy and wheat only work to make arthritis worse and should be eliminated from your diet. You will begin to feel the effects of a healthy diet fairly quickly and as you lose weight you will notice many other benefits as well.


With exercise you are helping that goal of reducing your weight, but you will see more advantages to your body than simple weight loss. Regular exercise helps your body to relax and stay mobile. If you are mobile then your joints are consistently moving. This will help to prevent the stiffness that often enterprises charter. An active person will have less stiffness in their joints than one who is sedentary. Stiffness is one of the most difficult symptoms of arthritis because it causes you problems moving around. You may find yourself unable to do normal tasks that you once performed easily.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used for many things over the years and arthritis is among them. You can use the oil as a rub when your joints become sore and swollen. Simply rub the castor oil into the joints and you will feel the relief it provides. It is also a great oil to use for massaging joints to help prevent the soreness and stiffness that you often feel. Many people have found that castor oil provides relief almost instantly.


Taking in enough fluids is vital to your health for many reasons, but fluids have to be the right ones. The best fluid you can take in is water. It will work to release the built up toxins in your body and keep your organs functioning as they should. Water will keep you from suffering constipation problems as well. Another benefit of water is that it keeps the joints lubricated so that they move easier and more freely. You can even count on plenty of water to aid in your weight loss goals.


Ginger was discovered to treat pain in arthritis many years ago by the Chinese. Like many supplements, ginger works well in both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Since pain is one of the most predominant symptoms of arthritis, ginger is a favored herb among many sufferers. Those who use it say that it can take as long as three weeks before the effects are noticed. Unlike prescription pain medications, a user does not have to be concerned with addiction to ginger and does not have to worry about side effects. It can cause a slight increase in blood pressure, but otherwise is considered safe among those who take it daily.


Not all herbal remedies have to come packaged in a supplement. You can take advantage of the celery you already have in your home. The benefit of celery is that it is known to be an anti-inflammatory. This means that if you consume it you will likely see a decrease in swelling. You can opt to eat the celery if you wish or you can make a celery tea and drink it. If you choose the tea you will need to drink as much as three cups a day when the pain is at its worst.


Cortisone is a popular medication used to treat arthritis, but it carries with is some side effects that you may not wish to contend with. If you opt to go with licorice you will not have to. Licorice offers the user the same effect that would get with cortisone without the side effects that they do not want. It helps alleviate pain when you consume the extract daily. You may notice a slight increase in blood pressure, but it carries no other serious side effects.

The most popular supplement for arthritis is glucosamine. This is a natural substance that is made in the body and helps to rebuild and repair the damaged cartilage. When your body ages you do not produce as much glucosamine. Because of this your body does not repair the cartilage as easily. You are left with deteriorating cartilage in your joints. Taking these supplements can help to rebuild the cartilage and alleviate the pain and swelling that comes with arthritis. People have been taking glucosamine for many years as a treatment for their arthritis because it attacks the cause of the problem and not the symptoms. It is often combined with chondroitin to receive the maximum effect. There are some minor side effects that may occur, with the worst being a reaction in those who are allergic to shellfish.