I never knew about Gout arthritis until I got it myself. To be honest, I had barely any idea about Gout itself until I was presented with the condition myself. There are so many people across the UK who suffer from Gout and yet it is a condition rarely spoken about.

In order to discover how I got Gout, I had to realize for Gout what not to eat. I had no idea about what was the cause behind Gout and I found out it was in fact because of my diet. I was eating the completely wrong foods, over indulging myself on rich foods and alcohol and basically trying to live the life of a king when it came to food! Unfortunately, the life of a king comes with its downfalls!

The main downfall for me ended up being Gout. Not only was I eating far too many rich foods, but I was refusing to exercise and my weight was slowly creeping up. I was becoming an extremely lazy person and only really getting out of bed to work. Whenever I could, I made sure I would sit down and eat some more which was completely wrecking my circulation.

I did notice the weight gain, but felt I had earned the right to put on a few pounds after working so hard all my life. Unfortunately, my body did not see it that way. I began to notice swellings on parts of my body like my toes and ankles and had no idea what they were. They were quite painful, but as I hated doctors I refused to go as I felt it would go away by itself.

As time went by, the swellings got worse and I was doing less and less. Sometimes they got so painful and I could barely move that I had to go to the doctors. I found out I had developed Gout arthritis and had to go through some treatments in order to get rid of it. Not only that but I had to change my exercise and eating habits in order to make sure it stayed away.

I was told that I had been on a completely horrific diet and had to change my ways. I proclaimed that I that I ate extremely well and my doctor responded that that was the problem! I was going to have to learn about the foods I should really be eating in order to try and reverse what I had done to myself. The worst part of having Gout arthritis was being in the knowledge that I had well and definitely bought it on myself. I have now decided I will never go back to my old habits so I do not ever have to suffer that pain again!