Gout is one of the types of arthritis which is most often caused by the increase in the urea content of the human body. Whenever the urea content increases in the human body there is a chance of crystal formation in the joints present in our body. This results in pain and swelling in the joints. Foods which have high amount of purines and proteins are the main reason for the problem of gout. Uric acid gets produced when the break down process of purines are done during metabolism. The foods that you take are directly responsible for the rheumatic disease like gout. So a balanced diet will help us free from gout. But if you already have a problem then you must be very careful about your food intake. There are many foods which cause gout and those kinds of foods should be avoided to lead a non-problematic life.

Almost all types of foods whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian will provide opportunities for gout disease. While considering the non-vegetarian food items inclusion of the following items may cause gout – red meats and its extract, some fishes like salmon, animal organ meats like liver and kidney, shell fishes, shrimp, prawns, meat products like pork, lamb and beef etc. The above mentioned food items are very rich in purines. The fact is that they are not only rich in purines but also sodium and nitrates. All the above components contained in it are very notorious in causing the attack of gout. Certain sea foods are also main reasons for gout attack. Some alcoholic beverages like beer, wine etc would give more chances of the attack. Beer must be avoided more than other alcoholic drinks because beer has around eight times the purines as of other alcoholic drinks. Even tea or some other flavored juices are also liable for gout. These kinds of drinks must be totally avoided because living a healthy life is more important than one day's happiness of consuming alcohol.

In case of vegetarian food items there are also more items to be avoided or should be taken with a dieted limit. Mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, beans and peas are some of the food items which should be taken in limited quantity. The above mentioned vegetables have more purines content than other vegetables. Believe it or not black eyes peas have more depths of purines when compared to chicken and turkey. The above mentioned vegetables must be carefully added into your diet following a recommended quantity. There are also some other variety of products which are also liable for gout attack. The other varieties may include some junk foods, yeasts, smelt, sweet bread, coffees, chocolates, roasted nuts, pasta and jellies. The above mentioned junk foods should be totally avoided since those have more amounts of purines and proteins which will increase the possibility of gout. If you were to follow a diet program based on the above mentioned food items then you would on your way to obtain some tie from gout.