Bones are part of the human skeleton. They are what supports the muscles, gives the body a shape and provides safety for vital organs. Bones are composed of Bone tissues, minerals, marrow and blood vessels. The main component in bones is calcium. Calcium is stored in bones. The body uses this mineral to keep the heartbeat normal.

The bones and joints are made of various components, supplies of these components keeps us healthy. We supply the body with its needs by eating. Therefore, to have healthy bone you must have a healthy diet. The basic thing to do to obtain a healthy diet is to follow health guides or understand what Balanced Diet is and keep your diets balanced. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if our diets go wrong or we start causing malnutrition to ourselves we will certainly suffer from various diseases.

In order to have fit bones the thing you must have in sufficient amounts is calcium. Calcium is a mineral found in milk, milk products and vegetables. By taking enough calcium, you can stop the calcium withdrawal from your bones. When you do not take calcium in your diets, the body withdraws calcium from your bones to supply it to your blood in order to maintain correct blood pressure levels. As a result, bones start fading. Therefore, to keep healthy bones it is necessary to have calcium in the food you eat.

There are other minerals and vitamins too that are important for your bones, one of these is magnesium. Vegetables are the most available and edible source for magnesium. Another thing for bones to stay healthy is Omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats are obtainable from fishes like salmon and cord, and livers of certain animals. Vitamin C is an important factor too as it contains good blood flow through the body, keeping your joints flexible. The requirements of these things slowly change with the age of people, the older you grow the more you have to take.

The second most important thing for bones is Vitamin D. Enabling of the absorption of calcium is done by Vitamin D. When there is not enough Vitamin D, the calcium in our diet remains unused. Vitamin D is abundant in eggs. Sunbathing is another way for obtaining Vitamin D.

If you are deciding to have a healthy life then it is vital to give away habits that are unhealthy, like smoking, drinking and others like that. Moreover, exercising also helps to promote bone repair, without exercise bones can deform especially if you are still in the growing periods of your life. So, to have healthy bones take many vegetables and have milk regularly.