As human beings, we have a tendency to keep doing the same things even though it might not be beneficial for our bodies. Gout related problems occur when uric acid levels in the body are too high for the body to excrete effectively and these develop into crystals which form around the joints and cause pain. The uric acids are formed from the purines present in many foods.

Therefore there are usually two ways to deal with the gout issue. One is to decrease the foods that are high in purines and the other way is to motivate the body to excrete more uric acids. There are various medicines used to deal with varying levels of gout pain but these typically have negative side-effects over the medium and long-term.

As a consequence of the negative side effects of drugs and their short term assistance, health professionals and dietary experts are looking to natural and home based remedies to help sufferers live a long-term gout-free life. Lifestyle can be controlled and maintained by gout sufferers themselves with minimal supervision by their Physician.

From the author's personal observation, some gout sufferers take medicines as a stop-gap measure and then once the pain disappears, the sufferers indulge in a lifestyle that is detrimental to their long-term gout therapy.

There are simple lifestyle choices to make such as:

1. Avoid alcohol

2. Eat more vegetables

3. Avoid organ meats

4. Drink more water

5. Exercise regularly with soft exercise

6. Consume a lot of Fruits for Vitamin C

7. Avoid seafood such as crabs, seashells, prawns

8. Cut obesity to a more healthy weight (Body / Mass / Index)

9. Manage Stress. Learn stress management techniques

10. Eat less sugar and salt

11. Take short term pain relievers only when really needed.

It should be noted that quick pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen are similar in pain relief but ibuprofen is preferred above aspirin. Aspirin has a proven tender to hinder excretion of uric acids from the body and so this is not recommended for gout patients.

Busy people have a tendency to forgo on their fruits in favor of quick meals and go kind of lifestyle. Fruits should be taken in generous quantity on a daily basis regardless of the schedules of gout sufferers.

For gout sufferers who are able to maintain a lifestyle that decreases consumption of purine rich foods and engagements in activity (such as exercise) that encourages more excretion of fluids, including uric acids, they will experience a lifelong freedom from gout pain and related problems.