Gout is a disorder affecting many people, mostly men, across the world. It does not only affect the person afflicted with the diseases. In a much larger scale, industries are affected due to the lower productivity it brings as sufferers are unable to function efficiently as members of the work force when gout attacks strike.

Therefore, engaging in ways and means to prevent the progress and development of gout is crucial. Allow me to enlighten you regarding the benefits of a low purine diet for people suffering from gout.

Metabolism in the Body

Uric acid is a substance produced by our body. It can result from the breakdown of purine. It is excreted by the kidneys through the urine. Problems such as gout occur when the kidneys are overwhelmed by the amounts it has to excrete.

An excessively high level of uric acid in the body is the main culprit in gout development. As the body already creates certain amount of it, more uric acid coming from purine rich foods can cause and worsen gout. As its levels increase, uric acid crystals are also being formed which leads to inflammation on the joint. However, this can be avoided by consuming a low purine diet.

The Benefit of Low Purine Diet

A low purine diet, according to an e-book written by a nurse on, extremely anticipates the ingestion and intake of excess purine in the body. As a result, the quantity of uric acid in the body is lowered which also lessens the possibility of forming crystals. By breaking this chain of events from the very start, low purine diets provide the easiest and most convenient way in gout prevention. Also, having a regular physical activity to stay fit and lose weight is good in preventing gout.

Gout sufferers must consider consuming food with less amount of purine. This include white bread, low fat milk and dairy products, processed Cereals, potatoes, rice, pasta, fruit and fruit juices, other vegetables. On the other hand, gout sufferers must avoid consuming foods rich in purine such as red meat, organ meat, alcohol and shellfish.

The effectiveness of a low purine diet can only be enjoyed if you decide to follow it as early as possible. If you seek to prevent further progress of your gout, you are at a better chance of succeeding if you start consuming a foods low in purine now. Remember, a positive change can only start if you find resolve to act on it as soon as possible.