One of the most common geriatric problems faced by people today is arthritis. Common symptoms of this condition include severe pain in joints of legs, hands and back. Fingers are most affected and arthritis patients feel the pain acutely here.

Those suffering from this condition find their joints swollen. This may lead to permanent deformation if not treated on time. There are many popular herbal natural health remedies for arthritis.

Natural remedies do not consider arthritic pain to be a superior pain. Natural herbal treatment is all about addressing the root problem which is nothing but the buildup of poisonous substances in our bodies due to irregular and imbalanced dietary practices. Ancient systems such as Ayurveda believe that only if these poisonous substances are removed can we apply other treatment approaches.

Here are a few simple herbal natural health remedies to cure arthritis-

• Accumulated toxins from joints can be flushed out with the help of two to four tablespoons of castor oil. Include a cup of strong ginger tea once a day to bring about a reduction in the joint pains by keeping your digestive system efficient.

• Another herbal natural health remedy includes adding to a glass of diluted milk, two to three crushed garlic cloves and boiling this mixture to one fourth of its quantity. Drink this mixture every day before bed time.

• Toxins can also be removed from the body by completely fasting for a day. You can also stick to a liquid diet. Doing this will provide great relief from arthritic pain. Going on a total banana diet for three to four days will provide all required potassium, calcium and phosphorus for the body.

• Add one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice in a cup of warm water and drink this twice daily. This will greatly reduce arthritic pain.

• Before brushing your teeth, have two cloves of garlic. You can roast the garlic in castor oil until golden brown to reduce the pungent taste. This treatment reduces arthritis pain and also helps treat cardiovascular problems.

• Dissolve turmeric powder in a cup of warm water and drink to reduce joint pain.

• Every morning, on empty stomach, extract juice from one raw potato and drink it. This will reduce acute arthritic pain.

• Vegetable soup with beet, celery and carrots can be had once a day to provide the required minerals for bones.

• You can also massage aching joints with a mixture of coconut oil and camphor pieces to find quick relief.

Apart from the above herbal natural treatment for arthritis, it is also important for the arthritis patient to follow a well designed diet that will create the right amount of alkalinity in the blood. Diet must include a lot of vegetables in the form of salads and fresh fruits. Diet must include at least two cooked vegetables apart from the salad. If you suffer from acute arthritis, it is recommended to have raw vegetable juice thrice a day for at least a week.

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