If you suffer from arthritis, then doing everyday tasks can often seem like an uphill struggle. Gardening, walking, cooking, bathing and computing are all things we take for granted, but which are fiendishly difficult for anyone suffering from arthritis. Luckily there are ergonomic items available to help make these tasks easier.

What Are Ergonomic Arthritis Aids?

Ergonomic, when related to equipment, means that it is designed to reduce discomfort and / or pain while improving accessibility. So for instance, if you struggle to open jars, then an ergonomic jar opener would do the job for you while relieving the stress and strain on your hands and wrist. Everyone loves a good gadget, but while to some they may be fun novelty items, to people with arthritis these gadgets can make a real difference to their lives.

Kitchen Aids for Arthritis

Cooking can be difficult when you find it impossible to grip handles or open jars. Ergonomic cutlery is available with large, soft handles that are easy to grip so you have better control. Can and jar openings resolve those wrestling matches to open lids and you can even get angled pans and knives which reduce the pressure on the wrist. Other useful gadgets include ergonomic scissors, grippers, mugs and even kettles which are all designed to ease the pressure from swollen joints and improve grip and control. There is even a reach and grip tool which allows you to retrieve anything from the floor or select something from a high shelf.

Ergonomic Gardening Aids

How do you fancy weeding while never having to bend over? Or plant bulbs without having to crouch? Plenty of gardening websites offer ergonomic garden tools which again improve grip, eliminate the need to bend or crouch and make life so much easier in the garden.

Household Aids for Arthritis

Simple tasks such as turning a key can prove a challenge, but there are so many gadgets you can use around the house to help with these simple jobs. Key turners attach to keys and are specifically designed for people with arthritis in their fingers or hands. Likewise, if you find buttoning or using zippers a chore, you can get button and zipper hooks to help. There are even gadgets which take the pain out of putting on shoes and socks. Arthritis aids such as these all combine to take some of the pain out of a very painful condition.