When experiencing the first twinges of gout pain that may keep happening over and over again, it pays to eat well and know the likely culprits as well as the suitable foods to avoid gout. An apple a day will keep gout away, and so will cherries. Gout relief from fresh cherries and apples is made possible by the natural bioflavonoid quercetin, which has been shown effective in decreasing uric acid in the blood. Quercetin also gives gout sufferers a huge dose of antioxidants and relieves inflammation.

Try to eat 10 to 20 fresh cherries each day, beginning from the moment you wake up, during lunch, and at dinnertime, to keep gout at bay. Studies have shown that gout patients who did this continuously for three days, and prolonged it from one to three months decreased their plasma urate and eased gouty arthritis. Eating an apple after every meal is also an excellent idea. Apples have malic acid that can neutralize uric acid. Other must-eat foods to avoid gout (or less less the frequency of flare-ups) are bananas (consume eight or more bananas each day to up your potassium and obtain relief from the symptoms of gout) and high-fiber options.

Gout and arthritis sufferers share a useful piece of advice to the uninitiated: beat gout the moment you feel the telltale signs and your doctor confirm your condition. Taking the recommended foods to avoid gout must be complemented by intake of lots of water and lemon juice. Do not end up flustered and spending a lot to treat serious illnesses that creep in (or taking drugs that produce nasty side effects to ease tender and swollen joints and distressing pain). Have preventive health care rather than disease management. It's also a good idea to speak to a nutritionist or healthcare practitioner before making dietary changes.

Try to go for fresh rather than canned variety when getting your fill of super fruits and other 'safe' foods to avoid gout. Gulp down freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water twice a day instead of drinking lemon juice in cans. The vitamin C found in every glassful of fresh lemon juice will bolster the immune system and cure some joints affected by gout.

Vegetable juices, specifically carrot, cucumber and beetroot, may also help heal gout. Nettle has also been found to be a favored herb especially in combating gout. Its active anti-inflammatory compounds can ease swelling and pain. If you just can not get the nutrients your body needs from natural foods to avoid gout, opt for quality supplements like alfalfa and black cherry.