Arthritis is a condition which means a lifetime of pain and suffering. It implies a restriction on the sufferer as he will not be able to move around much due to the intense pain and stiffness around the joints. People are willing to try anything to help get some relief from the intense pain. But long term use of pain killers does not have certain side effects and one of them is the risk of heart attacks. These are some of the reasons why more people are leaning towards the use of natural solutions for headache relief, or arthritis. Natural remedies have fewer or absolutely no side effects and can be used long term.

The Many Medicinal Benefits of the Eucalyptus Plant

The oil that is obtained from the eucalyptus tree has plenty of medicinal value. The oil that is extracted from the leaves is distilled and the high cineole content in the oil makes it a very good solution for sinus congestion relief and other illnesses linked to the respiratory system. It is also used in making soaps and dental care products and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects too. This oil also works as an insect repellent, as a flavoring agent as well as for fragrance. Many manufacturers use this oil as the base for many of their products.

Long Term Use of Pain Killers Is Bad

One main problem that arises because of long term use of pain killers is an addiction to it. The person finds it difficult to stop using it and even if he does he will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Another effect of prolonged use is that the patient's ability to tolerate pain decreases. Any general kind of aches and pains of the body can not be tolerated and drugs will be required to satiate that pain. So it is better to use natural painkillers for headache relief.

Some Natural Cures for Sinusitis

Sinusitis, which can cause a lot of discomfort for the person affected by it, can be controlled by either a change in diet and drinking plenty of water.If you lead a healthy lifestyle which in turn keeps your immune system strong, you can try and avoid sinus. For a quick Sinus Congestion Relief , you can apply eucalyptus oil, diluted in warm water on your cheek bones. Some other natural treatments are vapor therapy and the use of certain balms like lemon balm.