Natural Arthritis Relief Options

Arthritis is a degenerative disease that can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. However, they have not always been successful. If that's the case for you, it may time to switch to natural and organic treatments for arthritis.

The following are pain relievers for arthritis that are all natural:

1. Herbal Treatments: There are many herbal treatments that you can take as a supplement in treating arthritis. They are considered organic and natural so some may choose them over conventional medications due to fewer side effects than the drugs. But the majority, if not all, of herbal treatments have not been approved by the FDA. Therefore, it is still considered an alternative treatment for arthritis. The extract of evening primrose is one of the few herbal supplements that is promising results for arthritic people. It holds one of the active properties for anti-inflammatory, phenylalanine. It can fight inflammation when there is damage in your joints. Another plus is that it contains the fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid (also known as GLA). These two anti-inflammatory properties can lessen the intensity of pain and swelling caused by the inflammation of the joints and can also lessen the severity of the disease. It has been thought to be more effective with treating rheumatoid arthritis. Another herb that you can get as a treat for arthritis is Devil's claw. The extract of this herb can be taken to treat the signs of arthritis. It can reduce an arthritic person's dependency on conventional medicines because it shares the benefits that those medicines have. It may give you some side effects but they are minor compared to those of traditional medicines. The side effects include an upset stomach, headaches and some others. If you have issues with blood thinning, it can contribute to another flare up, so it's best to avoid it. You may also find capsaicin helpful in lessening the intensity of the pains that are associated with arthritis. Capsaicin can reduce the production of the neurotransmitter linked to releasing pain impulses. You can apply it in a gel, cream or ointment form to the aching joints. You may also find avocado and soybean unsaponifiables to have a good treatment for stiffed joints and the pains.

2. Omega-3s: Omega-3 fatty acids can also treat arthritic people because of the alpha-linolenic acid it holds which is anti-inflammatory. They can reduce the levels of arthritis and the pain that comes with it. You can get Omega-3s as part of your diet by eating fish that are rich in it or by consuming certain fruits and vegetables.

All of the above can be effective natural joint pain relievers , but you should be proceed with caution because they do have side effects.

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Arthritis: Importance of Physical Activity to Deal With Arthritis

Effects of Regular Physical Activity: Scientific research abundantly demonstrates that participation in moderate-intensity, low-impact physical activity does all of the following:

  • improves mood
  • enhances quality of life
  • decreases pain level and
  • increases physical function.

This makes regular physical activity a MUST for someone suffering from arthritis or other rheumatic conditions. In addition, research supports the fact that, if you have arthritis, being physically active can delay the onset of disability.

2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans: In October 2008, the Department of Health and Human Services released the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. This Guide outlines the health benefits of a physically active lifestyle. It applies to people of all ages and abilities, including persons with chronic illnesses such as arthritis. For persons with arthritis, physical activity is shown to be a priority intervention to improve arthritic symptoms and prevent arthritis-related limitations.

Specific Research Findings: Regular physical activity has beneficial effects on a variety of health outcomes, effects that are supported by consistent scientific evidence. These include:

  • Improved mood and relief of symptoms of depression.
  • Improved quality of life and improved functioning.
  • Improved function in persons with arthritis.
  • Lower overall mortality. Benefits were shown for highly-active persons and for those who reported only moderate activity.
  • Lower risk of falls and injury.
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Lower risk of developing high blood pressure. Exercise also lowers blood pressure.
  • Lower risk of obesity.
  • Lower risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Lower risk of colon cancer.
  • Lower risk of diabetes.

How Much Is Beneficial ?: Regular physical activity helps with arthritis and other conditions affecting the joints. If you have arthritis, research repeatedly shows that doing 130 to 150 (2 hours and 10 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes) a week of moderate-intensity, low-impact aerobic activity can not only improve your ability to manage pain and do everyday tasks, but it can also make your quality of life better.

What You Can Do:

  1. Make activity a daily part of your life. Find activities that you enjoy that can become a regular part of your routine, and find others to join you. Partners can make it more fun, can provide encouragement, and help over problems of transportation or safety.
  2. Consult your clinician about what level of activity is safe for you. Discuss any medical issues that may be interfering with more regular activity and review any symptoms and problems that may affect what activities are safe for you.
  3. Set specific activity goals. Start slowly and build up to increasing levels of activity. Try to be active for 30 minutes a day on a regular basis.

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Starting a Gout Relief Diet to Relieve Gout Symptoms and Flare Ups

Gout is a really annoying condition any way you look at it – no matter where it strikes you it's always a pain to deal with (both metaphorically and literally), and if left untreated it can lead to even greater complications. While you can effectively approach the problem with some medical remedies – corticosteroids being the most notable example – there are also plenty of things you can change in your lifestyle to improve it and make gout less of a problem.

Changing your diet is probably the simplest and most straightforward way to get gout relief – although it also comes with various problems attached to it, most probably the fact that you need to put together the willpower to make the necessary changes in your eating habits to exist to a gout relief diet .

Knowing how to develop a healthy gout relief diet is all about knowing what causes the condition in the first place. Gout is characterized by an increase of uric acid in your blood stream, which makes its way to your joints and crystallizes, causing you pain and discomfort. Therefore, any diet that's aiming to give you gout relief should concentrate on the simple concept of bringing down your uric acid levels.

It's important to keep your organs in good working condition – most notably the kidneys and liver – as this will help your organism process uric acid more easily, and then help help keep its levels down. This will require you to limit the amount of high-fat foods you're eating, as well as foods that have been overly processed.

Seafood is generally to be avoided as well – even though in small quantities it's okay, you should still watch how much you're eating since it can make things worse really fast. Fish oil, on the other hand, can be very beneficial in treating gout and reducing your uric acid levels, so look into some supplements to provide yourself with more of it if your gout relief diet does not include it.

You'll also have to tone down the amount of alcohol you're drinking on a regular basis. If you have to drink at a party some time, try to at least stay away from beer and drink something high-quality. The general rules for staying in a good condition while drinking apply here – keep yourself hydrated and watch how much you're drinking, etc – you know the drill. When you've got gout though, it becomes much more important to stick to those rules.

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Can Gout Cause Kidney Stones? Find Out the Truth

Kidney stones are something every person fears great – they're definitely something you do not want to bring up yourself, yet a careless lifestyle can get you there pretty fast. If you do not take the necessary precautions to live your life in a healthy manner, it's not difficult to ever find yourself living with kidney stones and wondering how to get rid of them. And of course, the best way to ensure prevention of the condition is to know what leads to it and what you can do to prevent it.

The relationship between gout and kidney stones is frequently questioned, and you should familiarize yourself with the mechanics involved here, because there definitely is a connection and it's important to stay wary of it. Yes, gout can cause kidney stones – or at least attribute to the development of the condition in an otherwise healthy man or woman.

The correct way to put things is slightly different though – it's not so much that gout itself causes kidney stones, it's more that the same factors that lead to the development of gout are also responsible for letting kidney stones develop in your body. Gout is caused by an increased level of uric acid in your bloodstream – when it reaches particular joints of the body, it crystallizes and those small crystal shards pinching into your muscles are what's causing you all this pain and discomfort.

However, there's more to it than you'd initially consider – in the same way uric acid crystallizes inside your joints, something similar happens when it reaches your kidneys as well. The crystals forming inside the kidneys ever shape up into larger formations (due to the different environment the kidneys provide to them as compared to joints) and in the end you get kidney stones.

It's a bit of a closed loop too – one of the most important factors for keeping gout from developing in your organism is to keep your kids in good shape, as they're partly responsible for the processing of uric acid. So healthy kidneys lead to less uric acid, which in turn leads to … healthy kidneys.

So where do you start and actually get this process rolling? It's rather simple, actually – you must live a healthy lifestyle to the best of your abilities, preventing any serious health conditions from developing. The health of your internal organs is particularly important, paying close attention to the kidneys and liver – change your diet, remove the harmful foods and concentrate on healthy ones. Add extra exercise if you feel like you could use it – generally try to do as much as you can to keep your body in good shape.

Last but not least – you can resort to medicines if the problem is becoming too difficult to control. You do not have to outright submit yourself to medication therapy, but it's never a bad idea to treat yourself with something to address those high uric acid levels temporarily – as long as you do not start relying on this too much, you should be fine and living a healthy life.

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Tumeric: Arthritis Relief Can Be This Easy!

Did you know about turmeric? Arthritis pain can be reduced as turmeric reduces swelling and inflammation.

We know about this thanks to the Indian natural healing tradition of Ayurveda which has been around for more than five thousand years! Tumeric is one of the main ingredients in curry and when used in any dish, it gives a distinct yellow color. For example, I often use turmeric when cooking rice – I simply add a tablespoon to the rice water and my family enjoys yellow rice with their chicken sometimes and I know I'm doing them good! It is not spicy.

Medical research in the West has recently discovered that curcumin, which is the main substance in turmeric, has anti-inflammatory properties. This is great news for arthritis sufferers as this means that taking turmeric can reduce joint swelling and therefore ease pain. In fact, it would appear that the best way to use this spice is before you have arthritis pain. Most people would agree that their pain is sometimes more severe in the night than the day, for example. In such a case, it would be good to take turmeric in the evening.

The best way to take turmeric is to add it to your diet. You can easily do this by flavoring your rice, as I do, or the same goes for potatoes. Buy yourself a book on Indian cooking and discover many delicious ways you can add this spice to your daily food. It is best absorbed into your system when it combines with oil or spices like ginger or pepper or even pineapple. Aim for one to two teaspoons a day. It is not water soluble which is why oil is its friend. Coconut oil is very healthy so consider using this when combining with turmeric.

You should be warned that this spice can stain clothes and is in fact used as a clothes dye in India. So be careful when you use it. Even with cooking you could have the pan taking on a yellow hue though this does come off when cleaned.

In fact, this spice can be used to make a paste – typically combining it with cold coconut oil is good. You can simply put the paste on the part of your body experiencing arthritis pain. Here again, be careful you do not put it into contact with any clothing. Even your skin could turn yellow where this paste is but you can wash it off later.

If you have turmeric, arthritis pain could be greatly reduced. Do give it a try as many people have found relief using this exotic spice.

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What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and What Is It Effective For?

Platelets are blood cells that are formed in the bone marrow. They contain packets of proteins that are responsible for clotting and for wound healing.

Once platelets are released into the bloodstream from the marrow, they have a circulating life span of about 7-10 days. When there is acute injury, platelets accumulate at the site. A sequence of events occurs with formation of a clot and then release of growth factors. These growth factors attract various other blood cells to the area. These other growth factors and cells assist in the healing process. In many instance, the addition of calcium chloride and human thrombin (Recothromb) has been used to stimulate the release of growth factors. While bovine thrombin has also been used, there have been reports of hypersensitivity reactions in a small number of patients.

Platelet-rich plasma, PRP, is a concentrate of whole blood that contains at least 1 million platelets per 6 cc's. Ideally, platelet concentrations in the 3-5 million range are better since higher concentration of platelets means more growth factors and theoretically faster healing.

So where has PRP been used? One of the early papers describing the utility of PRP was published by Mishra and Pavelko in the American Journal of Sports Medicine in 2006. They presented a non-randomized study of 20 patients with chronic lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). The patients were evaluated eight weeks after receiving their treatment and there was a 60 per cent improvement in the PRP treated group versus 16 per cent in the control group.

This treatment has also been studied for Achilles tendon problems. The results have been mixed. A Dutch study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2010, involving 54 patients shown no statistical difference between the PRP treated group and the group treated with saline and exercise.

However, there has been criticism regarding the study design, and also there have been other studies reporting positive results with PRP with Achilles tendonitis.

Other conditions for which PRP has been used include patellar tendonitis (“jumper's knee”), rotator cuff tendonitis of the shoulder, plantar fasciitis, gluteus medius tendonitis of the hip, and even osteoarthritis.

When PRP is administrated it is done following a needle tenotomy- a procedure where a small needle is introduced into the area of ​​tendon damage using ultrasound guidance. The needle is used to make small holes in the diseased tendon in order to create an acute injury. This acute injury is what stimulates an acute inflammatory response which causes the platelets to release their healing and growth factors.

Contraindications to the use of PRP include active infection, malignancy, bleeding disorders, and the use of strong anticoagulant drugs (“blood thinners”).

One area of ​​concern is the use of human growth hormone in conjunction with PRP. Some practitioners use this in combination with PRP. The problems are that we have no long term data on the safety of this mixture. Also, when treating athletes, this approach is problematic vis-a-vis regulations from the World Anti-Dopping Agency.

At our center, where we have had an extensive experience with this type of treatment, we do not use growth hormone.

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Your Kitchen Cupboard Holds the Key to Natural Home Remedies for Gout

Gout is a health condition that can really be painful if not treated properly and immediately. If you are suffering from this condition, you probably wish to be able to at least control the inflammation, lessen the synthesis of uric acid and treat the pain got sufferers like you have to endure. The good news is that your kitchen cupboard holds the key to effectively get rid of gout. These are some natural home remedies for gout that can be practical when addressing this certain type of arthritis. Believe it or not, your kitchen cupboard holds the key to these natural home remedies for gout.

The following are some herbal remedies that can be considered as natural home remedies for gout. This will certainly prove that everyday items in your kitchen can be used in successfully treating gout pain. However, you should always bear in mind that you have to consult your physician prior to trying any of these treatments. The claim that natural home remedies for gout can be found in your kitchen cupboard is best exemplified by the following treatments:

1. Epsom salt – can be advantageous for your toes affected by this particular type of arthritis. Epsom salt is very high in magnesium, which is very beneficial in flushing out harmful toxins and other waste substances from the blood. Immerse your feet in a tub with warm water and add in about 250 grams of Epsom salts. This can give you rapid relief. You may also add in about a cup of the salt into a tub of warm bathing water.

2. Cherries – they are considered as the best natural home remedies for gout. Cherries possess substances that can balance out the levels of uric acids in the body. Cherries also possess a substance called anthocyanins. This chemical compound possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They are also abundant in vitamin C.

3. Apple cider vinegar – massaging ACV directly on the affected joints is very helpful. Apple cider vinegar contains acidic properties which can totally dissolve the uric acid deposits and thus flushing them out of the body. You may also try taking apple cider vinegar orally, although it should be in a much diluted form and possibly mixed with something more palatable.

4. Vitamin C – this essential vitamin assists in getting rid of uric acid deposits in the body, so consuming fruits that are abundant in this essential vitamin can be very helpful in maintaining the levels of uric acid inside the body. Eat a lot of lemons (or drink lemonade), oranges, grapes, tomatoes and strawberries.

So by looking around in your kitchen you will find some natural home remedies for gout that you can implement quite successfully.

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What Makes This Joint Pain Reliever Shockingly Different?

In the past, just about the only ingredients you could find for joint pain relief were MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Sulfate or a combination of those ingredients. Some joint supplements may also include extra natural ingredients, such as Devils claw, White Willow Bark, Ginger, Vitamin C, Indian Frankincense, etc.

But when a certain “scientist” found out that these ingredients were not helping his friend who was suffering with rheumatoid arthritis, he decided to take it upon himself to find a cure. So he set up a laboratory in his house and got to experimenting.

He started with trying to test various substances on mice. The problem ran across first was that he could not give these mice arthritis – of any kind! Well, you can not cure a disease that is not there. So he called his medical friends and told him he would pay anyone who could give him a mouse with arthritis so he could continue his research.

No one called! He was frustrated to say the least because he really wanted to find joint pain relief for his friend. But you know how sometimes when you're not thinking about something the answer comes to you from your subconscious? That's exactly what happened in this case. And that's when the light bulb went off in Dr. Harry W. Diehl's head and he began to do his research in a different way.

Instead of trying to give mice arthritis, he went on a huge research mission to determine why mice were immune to arthritis! He performed many studies and finally the answer came! The one thing that the mice had that protected them from arthritis was a molecule with cetyl myristoleate. There was just one more problem now. A lot of people need joint pain relief and Dr. Diehl did not think there was enough mice in the world to manufacture what he needed to succeed.

So he studied the properties of cetyl myristoleate and was able to re-create the molecules in his laboratory. That's when CM8 was born; it's now made synthetically by chemically combining cetyl alcohol, with myristollic acid. This mixture has proved to be just as effective as the original molecule found in the mice; maybe even better!

CM8 not only acts as a pain reliever to reduce joint pain, but it also reduces inflammation, helps rebuild joints and, most importantly, gives the immune system an important boost so it can perform at its highest healing capacity in the body. This was a very interesting and amazing project for our Flexcin reviews team.

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Get Rid of Gout for Good

If you have ever known anyone that has suffered gout, you have probably heard horror stories of sudden severe pain in their big toe, or crystal formation on the top of their ears, along with painful and inflated joints. Gout can occur anywhere in the body, and usually lasts 3-12 days. It is estimated that between 2 and 5 million people suffer from Gout, a condition that in most cases can be alleviated and prevented by natural means. Gout accounts for about 5% of all types of Arthritis, and is most common in men over the age of 40. Once alleviated, it may take months or even years to return, with each consequent time potentially becoming worse. Simple changes in lifestyle and diet, as well as other naturally remedies can help Gout sufferers, as well as contribute to preventing Gout.

Gout is an arthritic type that is characterized by pain and inflammation in joints. It is caused when Uric Acid levels increase in the blood and is called hyperuricemia. Gout is mostly caused by increased dietary intake of purine-rich foods, such as red meat and high Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Studies show that 75% of Gout sufferers will experience sudden redness, swelling, and sudden pain in their big toe, caused when uric acid crystallizes in your joints. The body then causes tissue inflammation to protect the joint, extremely leading to excruciating pain for many people. When uric acid levels rise in the body, other health conditions can develop, including elevated cholesterol, hypertension, kidney stones, heart disease, and diabetes.

The most effective natural ways to rid of gout is to modify your diet. This includes lower blood sugar, which can significantly lower inflation levels in the body. Studies suggest that by simply lowering blood sugar gout risks can decrease up to 85%. Recent research has indicated that men drink 1 to 2 sugary drinks per day have an 85% more likelihood of developing gout than those who drink 1 sugary drink per month. The best way to lower sugar is to eliminate HFCS from the diet, which includes all soft drinks and sugary beverages. Replace it with 10-12 glasses of water per day, and feel free to add a little bit of lemon juice to it. By increasing hydration and water consumption, this will help flush uric acid in the body. Add more exercise, as this allows circulation to increase, and again using the body's natural talents of circulation by stabilizing insulin levels. Research has also shown that exercise helps to increase your immune system, blood flow, and can decrease risk factors for diabetes.

Sorry folks, but alcohol can be a contributor to gout, and eliminating red wine and alcohol is imperative. Although red wine has many benefits towards health, this is one instance where it is best to avoid consumption. Alcohol causes dehydration, and for Gout sufferers, it can elevate insulin and uric acid levels, which can contribute to the sunset of diabetes and gout.

Two fantastic ways to counteract and prevent Gout is to increase intake of persian cherry juice, or “tart cherries”, and to consume celery seed. These cherries contain powerful phytochemicals called anthocyanins and bioflavanoids, which help prevent arthritis and gout, and can be found in most organic food stores. Persian cherry juice is very pure, containing up to 50-60 cherries per ounce, and contains less sugar. Celery seed help clear toxins and uric acid crystals from the body, and is an exceptional anti-inflammatory. Celery seed also helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Both can be found in your local organic food store. If one were so inclined, strawberries, a variety of other berries, and Nutmeg have also shown to have anti-inflammatory properties useful for gout.

Many conventional medications and over the counter NSAIDS have shown to help Gout sufferers. The only caveat is that many prescription and over the counter medications can incur a variety of side effects, including gastrointestinal problems and bleeding, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, rashes, dizziness, weight gain, fatigue, breathing issues, kidney and liver problems among many others. Because Gout can continue through the duration of one's lifetime, many people choose to take natural routes to prevention and relief, as opposed to consuming drugs for gout through their own lifetime.

Gout can be a painful and debilitating condition, and there are 5 great ways to prevent and cure these symptoms. This includes 1) increasing exercise, 2) eliminating high fructose corn syrup, fructose, sodas, sugary drinks, desserts, breads, and other sugary foods, 3) eliminating foods rich in purine content such as red meats, sardines, anchovies, and yeast from the diet, 4) reducing alcohol consumption of beer, red wine, and other alcoholic beverages, 5) increasing intake of tart cherries, strawberries, Persian cherry juice, other berries, and celery seed, and 6) increasing water intake to flush uric acid. By making healthy choices through your life, many of these adverse health conditions can be avoided. So goes the famous saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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Why You Should Use Green Lipped Mussels for Arthritis Relief

Did you know that you can use extract of green lipped mussel for arthritis?

Green lipped mussels are well known in New Zealand, where they live in the coastal waters, for their “super food” qualities. One of the super food qualities of the green lipped mussels, which are named for the color around the rim of their shells, is the ability to relate the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

Let me explain why this is a fact.

Green lipped mussels are very abundant with natural mucopolysaccharides (commonly referred to as MPS). MPS are a single group of complex carbohydrates that happen to play a significant role in human health and wellness, as well as human metabolism. MPS are so crucial to our health and wellness that they have often been dubbed “the glue of life”.

Rich source of nutrients

Green lipped mussels are also abundant in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and complex carbohydrates. However, the efficacy of taking supplements of green lipped mussel for arthritis rests in the great abundance of mucopolysaccharides.

When these are broken down within the body, they yield glucosamine and chondroitin-those two ever-more-famous treatments for joint pain, joint damage, and yes arthritis. Older athletes and people over the age of 50 more and more are taking glucosamine and chondroitin so that they can retain the joint health of their younger years. The great abundance of the parent MPS compounds within green lipped mussels makes a supplement made from them even more potent for treating and preventing joint ailments than the usual supplements.

The link between arthritis and mucopolysaccharides

Clearly, arthritis is a disease which causes inflammation in the joints, leading to the swelling, stiffness, and pain that its sufferers know all too well. Due to the wear and tear of life, as we get older our joints become more susceptible to inflammation and breaking down. In addition to this wearing and tear, our bodies begin losing the stores of mucopolysaccharides as early as age 10. Even by the time that we are a relatively still-young 40 years old, the abundance of MPS in the body has plummeted from about 10,000 units (at age nine) down to fewer than 100 units. And it just keeps getting lower and lower after that.

While this is not definitive proof that MPS abundance precedes aging, joint inflammation, or arthritis, it does seem like it's more than coincidence that lowering MPS volume goes along with lower and lower resistance to joint pain and inflammation and less and less flexibility. It would seem far better to be safe than sorry and invest in an extract of green lipped mussels for arthritis if you find yourself starting to get up there in years and experiencing arthritic pain and suffering. There is much evidence that was collected by one Dr Orville H. Miller, who was the Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Southern California, that says people who consume high doses of MPS do not experience problems with arthritis (or they reverse and “cure” their arthritis).

What I personally recommend

The product that is probably the most abundant in MPS is the green lipped mussel powder extract made by the Xtend-Life company of New Zealand. They select only the 0.1% of the most pristine green lipped mussels to make into their powder supplement, and they use a proprietary method of transforming the mussels into powder so that the abundance of natural nutrients is preserved within the final product.

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Elbow Pain Causes and Treatment

Elbow pain is a common complaint to many people, although many do not realize the cause of the pain. It is important to know what the cause of the elbow pain is so you can get the appropriate treatment for it. Here are the most common causes of elbow pains:

  1. Disorders like arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis: These medical conditions affect the elbows.
  2. Injuries: Some injuries can cause stress fracture or muscle strain, leading to elbow pain.
  3. Overuse: Overusing your elbow might be a reason why it's aching. Certain sports or even chores like gardening can cause overuse of the elbow. Joints suffer from wear and tear and the more you use them, the more likely they are to get hurt or damaged.
  4. Infected elbows: Infection may also be the cause of your aching elbow.
  5. Sprains and strains: These can damage the elbow or area around it, which your body alerts you about with the feeling of pain.
  6. Nursemaid's elbow: Nursemaid's elbow is a term used for a child that has an aching elbow due to his or her guardian frequently pulling the child's arm to follow. It can put pressure to on the elbow and can stretch the muscles and joints around the arm to the point of even dislocation.

If you are unsure of what may be causing you elbow pain, you can go to an expert to get checked out so you will be certain you are getting the correct diagnosis.

Elbow pain can cause a person to become immobilized and be less productive. Here are some treatments that can help you get relief from that pain and back to being productive:

  1. Relax: Take a break and do not use your elbow for a while. If you do an activity that causes the pain, take a vacation from it for a couple days.
  2. Apply cold: Applying a cold compress to your aching elbow can also help reduce the pain. It can ease the pain and can also reduce inflammation.
  3. Wrap it with a bandage: A bandage may help you remember not to move your elbow. An air splint is even better for this.
  4. Keep your elbow higher than your heart: By doing this, you can make the recovery process faster.
  5. Exercise Regularly: You have to exercise your arms regularly, even if it is just light exercises. Too much immobilization can cause the area to go stiff. It will also help with increasing the flexibility of your arm and strengthening it.

Arthritis of the elbow is one of the most typical reasons for elbow pain. If, after you have tried the above remedies, your condition does not improve, you should see your doctor.

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Discover Natural Remedies For Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

A very common type of arthritis called osteoarthritis is now one of the illnesses that are greatly affecting millions of people all over the world. This illness is commonly caused by damage in the cartilages located between the bones, particularly the knee and hip bones. These accumulated damages damages pain and swelling in the affected joints. When the condition is not given proper treatment there will be a loss of cartilage which will always lead to damages to the bones. When the bones are damaged, mobility of the joint is greatly affected. Accumulated damage to the bones can then lead to damages in the muscles surrounding the bones. These complications can be avoided if the illness is treated as early as possible. There is no known cure for osteoarthritis; however, there are natural remedies for osteoarthritis pain relief.

There are several medicines that have been introduced for arthritis which are meant to lessen the pain and avoid further complications. These medicines are not intended to cure the illness as mentioned earlier there is no known cure for it. Osteoarthritis is irreversible. Once a person experiences it, it becomes a part of his or her system. The only thing that can be done is to avoid the occurrences and ease the pain and throbbing. Severe cases of osteoarthritis may sometimes lead to the need for surgery. Oftentimes, it is the joints or the bones that are being replaced because of too much degeneration.

Natural remedies for osteoarthritis pain relief are deemed safer compared to taking in medicines as too much medication can have negative effects to the system.

The problem with natural remedies for osteoarthritis pain relief is the relativity as there is no scientific proof to support the efficiency of the natural alternatives. This pushes people to experiment with many types of remedies until they find one that suits their needs. Several treatments are also often based on the testimonies of people close to the person inflated with the illness. The pain caused by osteoarthritis is said to be minimized by increasing the flow of blood and allowing the muscle to relax. Acupuncture, for example, is known to be very effective in manipulating the energy flow of the body and improve the condition of the muscle, bones and joints. This method is one of the most effective natural remedies for relieving the pain of osteoarthritis. Massage is also very helpful, together with other herbal remedies and herbal liniments and oils.

If you want an honest answer to finding natural ways to cure osteoarthritis pain then you can do no better than reading this book Arthritis Free For Life .

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Natural Treatments For Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis is a very common disease that is affecting millions of adults worldwide.

Anyone who has it will really know the meaning of pain, and suffer form the lack of energy to perform daily jobs. Arthritis, if not invented, can lead to more serious illness that will hinder a person's productivity. Even the simplest task of removing a lid from a jar can be very difficult for anyone suffering from arthritis. They will also feel a lack of energy, increasing of joints and painful throbbing of the joints. This illness is affecting not only the elderly but is also debilitating the young ones. Anyone who suffers from arthritis will be bearing the pain for life. There is no known cure for arthritis but there are natural treatments for arthritis pain relief that are broadly followed by many.

A natural treatment for arthritis pain relief is just that.

It is not intended to absolutely cure the illness but rather to help ease the pain and minimize the frequency of its occurrence. There are medicines that have been introduced for the management of pain, but these medicines are not free and many of them are costly. Another concern is the side effects of the medicines to the person's health. Serious known side effects include damage to the kidneys, liver, bone marrow and even heart failure. Which explains why any people today are looking for natural remedies in order to avoid these possible side effects and prevent worsening the problem.

As well as natural treatments there are also dietary supplement being introduced that are known to have a significant efficacy in relieving the pain caused by arthritis. In Europe, an herbal alternative in the form of Rose-hip is the latest discovery in terms of relieving arthritic pain. This alternative is said to be more effective than the remedies introduced from animal and marine extracts.

People who suffer from arthritis and want to lessen the pain must be very careful in choosing their remedies.

Several unprincipled people are taking advantage of this situation and have introduced fake products which they claim are a cure for arthritis. Aside from the pain, a common problem faced by many is finding a method of relief that is reliable and not fake. Hundreds of companies and products are now in the market, all of them claim to give the cure needed. But how many of these are actually telling the truth?

If you want an honest answer to finding natural ways to relieve arthritis pain then you can do no better than reading this book Arthritis Free For Life .

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The Difference Between Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arthritis is a complicated illness. There are many types of arthritis, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Both of these types affect the joints and both can cause the afflicted person pain. However, it is important to note that these two types of arthritis are not the same. Each is distinct from the other and it's important to recognize these distinctions for both diagnosis and treatment.

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are both extremely painful conditions. Osteoarthritis is the most typical arthritis type affecting people and even animals. Rheumatoid arthritis is not as widespread but is considered the most debilitating kind of arthritis.

The primary difference that can be seen between osteoarthritis and RA is their cause. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, meaning it occurs because of the wear and tear on cartilage in the joint. RA is an autoimmune condition, wherein the body's own immune system is the perpetrator.

Another difference that you can see in both conditions is the age when it usually occurs in people. Osteoarthritis generally affects the elderly because of the longer period of time that they have been using for their joints, providing more time for the wear and tear. RA, on the other hand, can affect people at any age, including teenagers and children.

The speed at which osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis progress is also different. Osteoarthritis slowly progresses over a period of time. It can get worse as the person uses the joint more and / or as he / she grow older. RA, however, increases in its severity rapidly. In fact, after its initial sunset, the arthritis can get worse after a month or even just a week.

The symptoms of both are also different. Both types include pain and swelling. Whereas the pain caused by osteoarthritis is localized exclusively in the joints, the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis can extend to other areas of the body. With osteoarthritis, the pain you feel may increase later in the day; with rheumatoid arthritis the pain and stiffness can increase earlier in the day.

Both types can also be diagnosed differently. Although most of the methods used to diagnose the two are similar, the diagnosing methods used for rheumatoid arthritis include more laboratory tests.

Both types can be treated through medications, but osteoarthritis can also be treated by changing a person's lifestyle through exercising and eating right. However, drugs are the only treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.

It is important to know the differences between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis . The distinction needs to be better understood so as to know how each disease works and develops. This knowledge can help both in catching the disease early and in order to get the right treatment for it.

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It Is Possible To Cure Gout Naturally

Gout is a certain health condition that is characterized by extreme attacks of inflammation in the single joints. This inflammation takes place suddenly and immediately reaches a point of severe and extreme pain and then fades away. Distinctively, a further aspect of the attack takes place after a variable period, typically in a matter of months or even years. This condition typically affects a different joint, more specifically that of the lower limit.

When it comes to possible ways to cure gout naturally, you should be aware that when gout is left untreated, the periods in between the attacks tend to become shorter and they persist longer as time goes by. When talking about the possible ways to cure gout naturally, you should also know that leaving gout untreated will cause it to become even worse and tend to affect other joints in the body. There are many ways that you can treat yourself in order to get rid of the pain caused by gout. This includes ways to cure gout naturally.

When dealing with some possible solutions relating ways to cure gout naturally, the first line of natural defense has always been the use of cherries. This fruit is touted for it anti-inflammatory characteristics that may greatly aid in lessening the levels of uric acid in the body. In addition to this, cherries also keep the uric acid deposits from building up in the joints which will lead to pain due to gout. You may use either fresh cherries of canned cherries and it really does not matter if you make use of a sour or a sweet variety of cherries. The possible idea regarding cherries as a way to cure gout naturally will likely suggest that all types of cherries will be an effective natural gout cure. The claimed amount of cherries to eat in a day is around ten pieces of cherries and up to one half pound. There are also some individuals who prefer to make use of a concentration made from cherry juice, and this has also been reported to be successful in relieving the pain due to gout.

Increasing the consumption of water is another way for a person to cure gout naturally. This will greatly help in flushing out the extra uric acid deposits and aid in the prevention of kidney stones formation. As a tip, it is suggested that you take in eight glasses or 3 liters of water in a day as a minimum. Individuals suffering from gout should also keep away from drinking alcohol since it tenders to raise the production of uric acid and restricts its secretion.

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