The Main Causes That Can Develop Gout

Gout disease is somewhat of a kind of arthritis. It is actually an inflammation of the joints at the initial levels. This is a very complicated disease and because of it, the main causes of gout are still not known in some cases. But there is no specific cure or treatment for all the gout cases. There is nothing to shock about because most of the people have taken out remedies to treat gout.

CAUSES OF GOUT-long terms:

Monosodium urate crystals are the sodium compounds and monosodium urate that appear in the uric acid and are covered by very few kinds of proteins that are deposited in the joints, kidneys, and tendons. Most often, they are found in different joints.

Gout crystals can be found in big toes and podagra is the gout attack of the joints of the foot. They are also deposited in the wrist joints, knees, elbows, ankles and other locations as well.

These crystals can forms slight numb lumps known as tophi. If lumps are formed, then gout may remain permanently and the case will be worst. Since MSU crystals are made up of uric acid, so the long term cause of gout can be the rapid change in its levels.

Excessively High Levels of Uric Acid

Since uric acid has an anti oxidant activity, therefore it certainly reduces the effects of free radicals which can destroy normal cells.

It is obtained by two main sources. One of the main sources is liver which contributes about 75% -80% of it and the rest comes from the diet you take.

It is also obtained from the purine containing foods in our diet. Different foods and beverages items have different percentages of purine. So, both purine and excess production of uric acid by liver are the main causes of gout.

But you can not calculate the levels of this acid by evaluation of your diet. Because, it is unknown that how much levels of uric acid is used by blood and other tissues, and how much part is removed and filtered by kidneys and excreted as urine.

It is important to know whether the excessively high levels of uric acid are due to its supply or excretion. Most of the reports have claimed that high levels of uric acids are due to more excretion than supply.

It is important that this acid should be excreted out of the body rather it should not remain in the tissues and blood. Because, if it is expelled continuously from the body, then the levels of purines and uric acid will not exceed to high levels.

Hyperurecemia is the condition that can develop due to high levels of uric acid in your body. The people, who have suffered with the attack of gout, have already had hyperuricemia in the past.

Gout flare ups:

Pain and inflammation with other related symptoms start to appear when the immune system asserts MSU crystals as the foreign bodies. Neutrophils are kind of white blood cells that attack these crystals and cause pain and inflammation. The flare subsides when these crystals are covered with proteins and are not further recognized as foreign bodies by the neutrophils.

Gout attacks may occur at any time under the triggering gout conditions.