If you are part of a family that has members affected by issues with their joints you can rest assured that you too will at some time in the future develop the condition. Conditions like arthritis are hereditary and can affect members within a family. It may seem easy to you to contact your physician after being affected by joint pain. However, would not it be even better if you took preventive measures to stay away from such problems altogether?

Until date, no manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade medicines has introduced any drugs, which can act as a preventive measure against arthritis. This, in effect, means that you will have to wait until you begin feeling the discomfort in the joints along with the stiffness and soreness that is also associated before you can take any action. You will have no difficulties purchasing medicines from pharmacies thereafter. Unfortunately pharmaceutical companies have not tested to develop any medication that can act as a preventive measure.

Nature has has its own way of dealing with common problems that can befall humans. The Maoris of New Zealand did not have access to pharmaceutical grade medicines nor did they live in areas, which were frequented by medical practitioners. These people did not know the very meaning of arthritis because they never came across the condition. They had access to a preventive measure in the form of raw green lipped mussels. They used this seafood as a regular diet without knowing that it had properties, which could keep them free from problems with their joints. The fact that they used this shellfish regularly from a young age proves that the Maoris managed to benefit from its properties.

If there are no preventive measures available with pharmaceutical companies, then you should be looking at green lipped mussel supplements, which are today being sold across the counter. You will not require a prescription to make a purchase. This is a good way to build up your immune system and stay away from problems with your joints. Unless you are allergic to shellfish, you can begin taking the supplements without advice from a physician. Green lipped mussel supplements can be used as a dietary supplement for the entire family keeping in mind that it has a lot more to give you than just relief from pain in the joints. Making an early start will mean that you are giving your body an opportunity to immunize itself from such problems. Start now and include green lipped mussel supplements along with your daily diet. You will soon realize that you have made a decision which will prove beneficial in the long run.