If you have not been paying attention to what your body's signaling and have experienced repeated gout attacks accompanied by intense pain notwithstanding medication, take a moment to know the best natural cure for gout. People vary in their opinion of what's the best cure. Some may say fresh fruit juices, like strawberry or cherry, is the panacea to othersome gout. Others say the best natural solution is exercise. Gout sufferers need to strengthen their muscles through endurance and strength-training activities.

When your joints are affected with gout, taking drugs that your doctor prescribed will only offer temporary relief. Simple remedies like drinking adequate water everyday will help dissolve and excrete the hard lumps of uric acid in your tissues. Water just may be the best natural cure for gout. Gout may strike without warning and may be detected in the ankles, or horses, or hips, elbows, thighs, and fingers. Drinking two or more high-fructose sodas each day puts people at high risk for gout.

Overweight and just can not stop snacking on fast food, pizzas, gravy-rich foods and sweets? Do yourself a favor and avoid these so as not to keep having gout attacks. When attending social functions, veer away from the bar and avoid eating hors d'oeuvres with anchovies or caviar in them. If you're a chain smoker, find ways to release the desperate clutch on a pack of cigarettes. Finding the best natural cure for gout can be easy, if you put your heart and mind to it.

If you've just diagnosed with gout and feeling disheartened that most of the things you love to eat are laden with purines, do not be disheartened. Nutritionists maintain that not all purine-rich foods lead to gout. Nonetheless, it's still best to stay on the safe side and consume foods that are not high in purines. To satisfy your body's protein requirement, opt for tofu and low-fat dairy items. When looking for a natural cure for gout, fruits (like berries and pineapple which have substances in them that ease pain & inflammation and hastening healing) are your best bets to recovery and health

The surfeit of uric acid and uric acid crystals accumulating in joints, lead to pain and other signs and symptoms of gout. When looking for a natural cure for gout, herbs come into the picture. Herbs may offer wonderful relief, but do check with a naturopathic expert, especially if you have a medical condition, before ingesting anything. An example of herbal remedy for gout is burdock, which can facilitate the elimination of uric acid through the kidneys.