Ways on how to improve joint health can involve changes in our daily habits, the use of medicines and supplements and even professional help. If you want to keep your bones and your joints in tip-top shape, here are some tips that can help you.

Threats to the health of our joints

Our bones and joints suffer from wear and tear. As we age, the more prone we are to aches and pains and damages to our joint tissues. Injuries and trauma can also cause our bones to get damaged and therefore cause us to experience pain.

There are also habits that can harm our bones, such as activities that put strains and stresses on our joints, adopting an unhealthy diet, smoking and consuming substances that are not good for our bodies, like alcohol. Being overweight also taxes our bones, which can lead to damage and worse, disability.

How to improve joint health the natural way

Exercising regularly is one way of making our bones and joints stronger. Eating right is another. We can also get help from nutritional supplements. Green lipped mussel supplement (GLM) is one option we can explore if strong bones and joints is what we are aiming for.

GLM is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can help strengthen our bones. This New Zealand mollusk is also known to be highly effective in relieving joint pains caused by arthritis and in reducing inflammation. In addition, the shellfish is also known for helping promote overall health.

The Maori story

The Maoris of New Zealand have claimed that they do not suffer from arthritis and any other joint-related disorder. They reveal that this is mainly due to their consumption of green lipped mussels that are found in the waters of their country.

Studies have shown that there is truth in this claim, with experts asserting that ways on how to improve joint health have already been found by the Maoris even during the early times. Now, manufacturers of dietary supplements have also discovered the benefits that green lipped mussels can provide as proven by the competent of supplements made from this shellfish being made available in the market.

A daily dose of green lipped mussel powder supplement may not cure you of all ills, but several studies have already shown that it can help you find the answer to the question of how to improve joint health. For consumers, focusing on the health of your bones by taking GLM will be a wise move.