Treatment for osteoarthritis will not cure the condition. Osteoarthritis is a common form of arthritis. This condition can affect the hands, knees, spine, fingers, legs and hips. Osteoarthritis occurs as a result of the cartilage around the joints breaking down, when the bone of the joint is exposed it becomes swollen and inflamed. In some cases of osteoarthritis the cartilage can completely disappear, when this happens bone protrusions can occur, these often look knobbly.

Some symptoms of Osteoarthritis are;

Joint aches and pains,
Mild to extreme stiffness, this occurs after long periods of rest,
Movement difficulties.
Inflammation around the affected area.
Disrupted sleep patterns due to mobility problems during the night.

Treatments for osteoarthritis are only effective in treating the symptoms, no cure for this condition has been discovered. The treatments for this condition will focus on pain and inflammation. There are some natural treatments available for those who would prefer not to use medications. These natural products are equally effective, depending on what you choose to use.

Some treatments for osteoarthritis are;

Mild pain relief such as paracetemol,
Strong pain relief such as codeine,
Anti inflammatory drugs,
Vigorous massage,
Physiotherapy or complimentary therapy,
Vitamin supplements,
Supportive equipment such as a splint.

Any treatment could have possible side effects, if you are experiencing anything unusual speak with your doctor, sometimes prolonged use of painkillers can cause other things to occur.

Some foods that may help with the symptoms of osteoarthritis are;

Cayenne pepper,
Root ginger.

These ingredients can be incorporated in to many different meals. Alternately you could make a homemade cream using these ingredients, this cream can be eaten or rubbed onto the affected area.

The main treatments for osteoarthritis simply focus on the individual problem areas, so if you suffer more pain than stiffness, it will be recommended that you try a painkiller. If you are extremely stiff you may need physiotherapy. Individual needs do vary so if you are on any type of medication or treatment and you are noticing any significant changes in your symptoms, you should consult with your doctor.

If you suffer with osteoarthritis and you are slightly overweight it is recommended that you try to lose some of those extra pounds. A persons weight can affect mobility and overall health, by exercising for 30 minutes each day, your joints will be less likely to feel stiff.

A healthy diet is also recommended, regular intake of healthy foods will promote a healthy you. The amount of vitamins that can be ingested are beneficial for strong bones and strength. Diet is often underestimated and it can have numerous benefits.

In extremely severe cases of osteoarthritis the individual may require adaptations to their homes. If you require more information on this doctor or care giver may be able to assist you.

The treatment for osteoarthritis can be effective for almost everyone, in some cases the treatments given may not help, this will need to be discussed with your care provider.