Conditions caused by arthritis are so prevalent in America that one out of every five people has thought medical attention for them. The sad truth is that arthritis gets worse as you get older. If you are having problems with your weight, you may want to get started with an exercise routine before you start showing arthritis symptoms. Did you know that if you are a female who is an average height, losing at least 10 pounds over a period of 10 years can cut your chances of developing osteoarthritis in half.

Weight and Pain – The Vicious Cycle

Being overweight has been proven to make you four times more likely to get knee osteoarthritis than type-2 diabetes or high blood pressure. The pain associated with osteoarthritis makes it difficult for you to do the exercise that would help you lose the extra weight. Yet if you do not lose the weight, your arthritis gets worse. It's a vicious cycle. You can control the high blood pressure or diabetes if you develop them – even get rid of them if you lose enough weight. However, once you have developed osteoarthritis, it is permanent – there is no undoing it.

Pain and Arthritis – Finding the Happy Medium

Although the pain you experience with osteoarthritis might prevent you from exercising, you still want to find some form of physical activity to get your joint mobile. This can improve arthritis symptoms and has proven to benefit many arthritis sufferers. The main thing you want to consider when choosing your activity is to make sure it will not do any more damage to your joints.

Activities You Can Do – Taking Charge

You can choose low-impact activities such as swimming, riding your bicycle, or walking to help improve not only your mobility but help you lose the extra weight. Another option would be to do water aerobics, since the water helps to keep your full weight off of your joints while your exercise. You might also consider having a physical therapist provide you with exercises to help strengthen your muscles without training your joints. Resistance training, such as light weight lifting, elastic bands, or the resistance machines you find at most gyms is another way to build up your muscles while keeping your joints active. Another activity that is especially beneficial to people with arthritis is yoga.

Last but not the least, you can also look for natural supplements that can help you with your joint pain problem and then keep the problem of arthritis at bay.