If you believe that there is no difference between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis you can consider the information you have as incorrect. Even though both conditions have features that are similar to those different by a large margin. Osteoarthritis is caused by the wear and tear of the joints while the other condition can affect the entire body. Rheumatoid arthritis can cause inflammation throughout the body, including the lungs, skin, eyes, heart and the blood vessels. Under normal conditions, this disease affects people over the age of 60. However research has shown that the onset can begin from the age group of 25 to 30 as well.

Around 30% of men find themselves infected by this condition. However, it has been established that females suffer from this problem more than men because of their hormones.

This condition has been defined as an autoimmune disorder which can affect the immune systems of an individual. In this case, the immune system of the body decides to attack itself and send white blood cells into healthy tissues. This is the issue which leads to the inflammation that is seen. Researchers are aware about how the immune system works to leave a person infected but still does not have information about why it occurs in the first place.

Visiting a physician regularly will not help you determine whether you are a victim of rheumatoid arthritis. Unlike some infections which can be detected by a blood test rheumatoid arthritis needs assessment of the strenuous variety. In order to determine the condition doctors may conduct several tests, which can include physical examination, x-rays and inquire about the symptoms.

Depending upon the severity of the condition you may be advised a course of treatment which you will be required to follow. Research has disclosed that this condition is primarily caused by smoking. It is also been revealed that smoking can aggravate this condition and make treatment difficult. This condition is chronic and infected people may find themselves finding relief at times while feeling a sense of aggravating as well.

You should never believe that the condition can easily be treated. The medical fraternity has defined rheumatoid arthritis as a life-threatening condition. Therefore, an attempt must be made to keep your immune system in good order from the very beginning.

Having understood that it is a weak immune system within the body which causes the disease would not you want to strengthen your immunity against such infections? If your answer to the above question is in the positive, you must be looking forward to taking green lipped mussel supplements right away. These supplements have the ability to deal not only with rheumatoid arthritis but can also improve your immune system in a manner, which will keep this condition away from you altogether. Conduct some research and you will understand how you can stay away from such infections without ever having to visit a physician at any time.