Many people are familiar with it, having heard about it or experienced it first hand, but when faced with the question, what is gout ?, they can only mention common symptoms. Gout is a condition marked by intense, recording pain resulting from the accumulation of uric acid in the body. There are varying cases of gout, including the asymptomatic type characterized by rising uric acid level but produce no symptoms. There's acute gout, wherey sufferers feel pain and a burning sensation in a joint; and there's the disabling chronic type that may permanently damage joints and lead to serious kidney problems.

Having gout can render you immobile, especially if the slightest touch to the affected swollen part of the body like the ankle causes intense pain. The reason is the crystal deposit inside the joints. Many people seek remedy in the form of medication to ease the pain and inflammation, but gout attacks may keep reoccurring. To avoid unrelenting episodes of gout, stick to an anti-gout diet. Finding the answer to the question `what is gout? ' will lead to being aware of causes and preventive measures.

Gout sufferers must aim to dissolve the excess uric acid crystals that cause gout (which may be any or a combination of factors like obesity, high blood pressure, susceptibility of kidneys to excrete sufficient uric acid, frequent use of medications, excess alcohol drinking, and so on). Gout may strike from out of the blue, prompting people to research and learn all they can about it and find ways to alleviate the symptoms. Some individuals then share with family and friends exactly what the gout they've become afflicted with.

Before going for natural remedies like herbal supplements, have a comprehensive medical check-up to know what is gout and to see if a certain illness may be causing increase in uric acid production. It may be a blood disorder, congestive heart failure, hypothyroidism, diabetes, or cancer. If medical conditions have been ruled out, changing your diet – if it consist of gout-aggravating foods like beef, pork, lamb, mutton, veal, bacon, sausages, turkey, etc. – is the next logical step. Recent medical studies conducted on men with no previous history of gout, who consumed high amounts of meat and seafood, showed likelihood of developing gout. When looking for an answer to what is gout, do not be swayed by old wives tales and opt for safe and natural remedies that will prove to be effective.