The numbers of people afflicted by arthritis, especially in climates that are cold are countless. Looking at the numbers one can assume that pharmaceutical companies would have made arrangements for drugs, which can help overcome this problem. People suffering from arthritis have a number of options available to them, which can provide some relief. However, they also have the problem of dealing with the side-effects often associate prescription drugs that are sold. Under the circumstances If you are suffering from this issue, how would you go about finding relief from the pain and discomfort that is associated?

Perhaps the easiest option for you would be to visit your physician and ask for remedies, which will provide a degree of relief. The medication provided may have to be taken orally or even topical applications, which can help reduce inflammation. While external applications will not cause much harm, medicines that are prescribed for oral intake can leave behind side-effects that can be harmful. Therefore, before you visit a physician, you will need to decide whether you are prepared to bear the long-term effects of drugs or would you look at an alternative which can provide the same relief without the problems associated.

Medical practitioners generally tend to prescribe medicines like ibuprofen and analgesics, which are known to be painkillers and can provide you with the relief you want. You could also be prescribed topical creams, which will help you reduce some of the inflammation in your joints. They can suggest non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which can act against the pain and the swelling which may have appeared. However, in all cases you will be exposed to side-effects, which can prove harmful in the long run. In most cases, medical practitioners would be related to suggest supplements made from natural resources because of a lack of knowledge about their scientific properties.

A better alternative for you would be to choose supplements that are made from green lipped mussels. This is a shellfish which is only available in the pristine waters of New Zealand. The medicinal properties of the shellfish were accidently discovered in 1961. It was this discovery, which led a group of scientists to conduct further studies to understand how green lipped mussels could help people who are suffering from arthritis. The original inmates of New Zealand, the Maoris always used green lipped mussels in the diet and never had to face problems with their joints despite living under harsh conditions. The scientists conducted several tests before concluding that supplements made from this shellfish could indeed provide relief to people facing problems with their joints.

As you will notice in this discussion that you can either choose to follow the advice provided by your physician or make an independent decision to take green lipped mussel supplements, which will work in a similar manner. Conduct some research and you will soon realize that using a natural remedy can provide you better relief than prescription drugs that are sold.